Over 165 Killed in Two Days of South Sudan Violence

Govt Says Troops Kill 84 Rebels in Oil Producing Region

Fresh off of yesterday’s gunbattle in the tiny village of Apuk, the Southern Sudan government detailed more violence today, with an offensive by government forces killing at least 84 addition people in the fledgling nation.

Yesterday’s violence did not directly involve the Southern Sudanese military, but rather saw villagers chase off a group of rebels who defected from the military after they attempted to steal cattle. Over 80 people were killed in that fighting.

The new violence apparently occurred over a 48 hour period on Monday and Tuesday, and saw Southern soldiers attacking a rebel faction, killing 38 on Monday and 46 on Tuesday. One Southern Sudan soldier was also confirmed killed.

In both cases the rebels were linked with former military officer Peter Gadet. Gadet spokesmen confirmed the fighting but denied that the toll was so lopsided, claiming they lost fewer fighters and killed many more soldiers. The southern government has accused Gadet of being aided by the Sudanese government in the north, but that government has denied any part in the fighting, noting Gadet was purely a southern creation.

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Author: Jason Ditz

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