NATO Strikes Hit Arms Depots in West Libya

Rebels Report Explosions as Underground Hangers Targeted

NATO warplanes launched a number of air strikes against a government weapons depot in Western Libya today. The planes also hit towns near the city of Misrata, the last major rebel stronghold in the west.

Rebels said the weapons depots were also the site of 72 underground hangers, and that the strikes caused multiple underground explosions. It is unclear exactly how much damage was done by the attacks.

But they do point to NATO strikes causing major damage to the Gadhafi faction’s military. Despite this, the rebels don’t appear to be making meaningful gains, and most still see the situation as a stalemate.

Whether the stalemate can be broken or not is unclear, but NATO officials have committed to continuing the war until the rebels overtake Gadhafi. Since it doesn’t appear that this is going to happen any time soon, despite massive NATO support for the rebels, the war is likely to continue open-endedly.

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