Nigerian Group: Over 500 Slain in Post-Election Violence

Massive Death Toll Reported in North After Southern Candidate Won Vote

According to the Nigerian Civil Rights Congress (CRC), over 500 people were killed in the post-election violence early last week in three cities alone. The toll only covered part of the Kaduna State, and is likely much higher.

Riots were reported across northern Nigeria on Monday and Tuesday, following the reelection of President Goodluck Jonathan. Jonathan is a Christian from the southern portion of Nigeria, while the riots were in Muslim cities in the north.

Jonathan’s victory was not a narrow one, as officials reported him having more than double the number of votes of any of his opponents. It was widely expected that he would win soundly, but the level of violence was unexpected.

The massive death toll led the Nigerian government to delay this week’s governor elections if two states, citing concerns that these too would spark clashes. Officials have yet to announce when the elections will be held.

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