At Least 57 Killed in Latest Southern Sudan Clashes

Officials Urge Militias to Enter Into Negotiations

Another round of clashes has broken out in the state of Jonglei in the newly created nation of South Sudan. The fighting between soldiers and rebels loyal to Major General Gabriel Tang left at least 57 dead and scores wounded.

Officials for the government’s forces claimed that around 50 of Tang’s soldiers were among the slain, including five generals. The Tang forces did not give their own assessment, but generally speaking the casualty figures for both sides in the nation are starkly different.

Gen. Tang’s forces had been on the side of the Sudanese government during the multi-decade civil war, but briefly joined the South Sudan army before again defecting and taking to the countryside.

Officials for the government say that they are ready to “negotiate” with Tang and other militia factions to join the government in some form. Since their vote in favor of secession, South Sudan has been beset by a number of rebel militias, which it has blamed on the northern government.

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