US, NATO Balk at Calls for Libya Escalation

Officials Dismiss Call to Ratchet Up Air Strikes

Despite promises to the contrary, the US is still bombing Libya. But it isn’t bombing Libya as much as nations like Britain and France would like, and calls started earlier this week for an escalation, particularly by the US, of strikes against the country.

But reports coming out of the NATO meetings in Berlin today say that the US is rebuffing those calls, and is contented to remain in a formal “support role” with a handful of attacks going on behind the scenes.

“I got the sense that the Americans will stick to their same line,” insisted French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe. Other NATO nations are likewise ruling out an escalated role at this time.

NATO chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen has also been calling for more military assets to be brought to bear in this war. This however seems to be par for the course for the hawkish Rasmussen, and US officials seems more than contented to coast in the clash for the time being.

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