Gadhafi’s Warplanes Lash Out at Central Libyan City

Rebels Shrug Off 'Desperation' Attack

In a move that suggests they retains more military hardware than anyone knew, the Gadhafi regime launched attacks with fighter jets and attack helicopters, targeting a refinery in central Libya and attacking the western city of Zawiya in force.

The attacks on Central Libya were repelled by anti-aircraft weapons controlled by defectors, and unconfirmed reports say that the forces believe they may have downed an attack helicopter which was badly damaged during the attack.

Meanwhile, the rebel leaders expressed shock at the ease with which they repelled the ground attack on Zawiya, saying it raises questions over whether they overestimated the strength of the mercenary forces loyal to the dictator.

Indeed, of all the attacks officials for the protest movement say that only one, an attack on a weapons depot, did any real damage, and it does not appear that there were any casualties in any of the attacks.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of