Israel Still Not Keen on Possible Egyptian Democracy

Israeli Leaders Condemn Notion of Free Elections in Neighboring Egypt

As regime change in Egypt seems to be moving closer all the time, Israeli officials are getting more and more shrill in their public condemnations of the notion that the nation might hold free elections at some point to replace the outgoing dictator Hosni Mubarak.

It is not, of course, simply that Israel is afraid the US will no longer be able to call it the “only democracy in the Mideast” – after all Lebanon has held extremely credible elections without anyone noticing. Rather it seems Israeli officials realize an accountable government will not readily comply with the long-standing demands on the peace treaty: particularly as it relates to Egypt keeping the population of Gaza under permanent blockade.

It is this concern that gives rise to serious editorials in the Israeli press asking “Can Israel only make peace with dictators” and vigorous comments from that nation’s rulers suggesting the answer is a resounding yes. Israeli demands towards a neighbor like Egypt or Jordan are so onerous that only a dictator could ever comply, and then only with a handsome reward of US aid.

But as Israeli officials demand that the West ensure any “elected” Egyptian government comply with all of those demands, and as they continue to push for Mubarak’s regime to stay in power, they seem to be angering more and more Egyptians. This will only ensure that the free Egyptians, and make no mistake they will be free, will hold Israel in the same regard as the Obama Adminstration as those that stood opposed to the notion of freedom as simply too inconvenient to be allowed.

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