WikiLeaks More Embarrassing than Damaging, Officials Admit

Publicly Officials Continue to Claim Major Threats to National Security

Internal reviews from the Obama Administration have been leaked to the press, and concede that while officials are publicly claiming WikiLeaks releases pose a major threat to national security the releases are by and large more embarrassing than damaging.

State Department officials are even said to have private told Congress that the damage done by the leaks is “containable.” The revelations run the gamut from illegal spying operations in allied nations, operating out of embassies, to plots by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and others to steal credit card numbers from top UN officials.

The comments further damage the credibility of official lamentations about the horrors of WikiLeaks revealing truth to the American public, after Pentagon officials also privately conceded that no one had actually been killed by WikiLeaks, even as they were publicly accusing the organization of having “blood on its hands.”

So far the sum total of the releases has been public shaming of a number of officials and forcing the State Department to relocate some of their envoys because of inappropriate comments they made. The crimes detailed in the leaks have so far gone entirely unpunished.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of