Tensions Rise as Israel Strikes Gaza Refugee Camps

Israel Says Raids 'Retaliation' for Rocket Attacks

Tensions are on the rise again in the Gaza Strip after Israeli attacks on two refugee camps left at least two civilians wounded. Israel insisted the attacks were “retaliation” for rocket fire from the strip.

Israel insisted the attacks on the refugee camps were aimed at targeting Hamas and that they blame Hamas for the rocket fire, even though officials have repeatedly conceded that Hamas is not the ones firing the rockets and are indeed struggling to prevent such fire by their rivals.

Israel last invaded the Gaza Strip in January 2009, and has repeatedly threatened a new invasion since then. With the strip under an ongoing naval blockade the population continues to rely on humanitarian aid, which is only permitted in very limited quantities.

A new aid ship is said to be en route for the Gaza Strip tonight, sailing from Syria with large amounts of food and medicine. The ship will dock in Egypt and take its aid to Gaza by land.

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Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.