NATO’s Captured ‘Iranian Soldier’ Report Untrue

Coalition Backs Off Allegation, Declines to Offer Details

NATO appeared quite proud yesterday with their announcement of the capture of a high ranking member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard in Southern Afghanistan, saying he was behind the alleged flow of weapons to the Taliban from the Iranian government.

The claim not only got a lot of play yesterday but continues to get a lot of play through today and into this evening, even though NATO quietly admitted that their allegation was completely bogus early this morning.

Though the coalition spokesmen declined to offer the actual facts of the case, they did concede that the captured man was not a member of the Iranian military. They insisted, however, they he “might” still be affiliated with some Afghan insurgent group.

Most people however won’t hear the retraction. Rather, they will read the high profile articles from places like the Times of London claiming that the arrest proves Iran has “stepped up” their support for terrorism in Afghanistan. One would think centering these made up scare stories around made up NATO claims would be a bit embarrassing, but they are repeated with such regularity that it is unlikely they will ever be retracted in most outlets, and will remain yet another of the myriad “well known facts” against Iran which are entirely made up.

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