Iraq’s Grim, Silent Christmas

Months of Deadly Attacks Leave Iraq's Dwindling Christians in Despair

As Christmas dawns across Iraq, it does so silently. The nation’s Christian minority has grown used to keeping a low profile since the US occupation began in 2003, when the group found itself a substitute target owing to their comparatively common religion with the invaders.

But months of deadly attacks have left Iraqi Christians, at least the ones who haven’t fled from the nation, in a somber, frightened mood. Christmas celebrations have been canceled virtually entirely across the nation.

The final push against the Iraqi Christians comes at a particularly inopportune time for the Obama Administration, which is trying to spin the war as “over” and also trying to spin the situation in Iraq as improving.

But it surely isn’t so for Iraq’s Christians, and certainly not on Christmas. Indeed, with this year’s Christmas canceled many are wondering if there is going to be another in Iraq, or if the rest of the ancient community’s remnants will be in exile next year.

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Author: Jason Ditz

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