UN Probing Bradley Manning’s Mistreatment

Torture Office Received Complaint About Manning's Abuse

The United Nations office for torture issues confirmed today that they have received a complaint regarding the mistreatment of Pfc. Bradley Manning in detention by the US military, and that the matter is under investigation.

Manning has been held for several months, facing charges regarding the release of classified documents to WikiLeaks. Though he has not yet been convicted, he is reportedly being kept in an extremely harsh conditions.

The US Marines, who are holding Manning at the floating brig in Quantico, VA, insist that he is “safe, secure and ready for trial,” though indications are he is being kept without bedsheets or blankets in solitary confinement.

Manning could face decades in prison for leaking classified information under the military code of justice. The Justice Department is said to be planning to pressure Manning to agree to a plea bargain deal in which he names Julian Assange as a conspirator.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.