US Government Building (Another) Vast Domestic Spying Network

Reports Point to Massive Database on US Citizens

Another day, another massive assault at the very core of personal privacy.

At least that is what the Washington Post is reporting today, as the latest in a seemingly endless collection of massive domestic spying networks is being hatched by US officials and is said to be the most sophisticated and the most ambitious yet.

According to the Post, the scheme is hatched by the FBI as an effort to convince every law enforcement agency in the country to act as what amounts to domestic spies, forwarding an endless collection of data on suspects and non-suspects alike into an enormous database to “fight terrorism.”

The goal is to have a comprehensive of list of every single American citizen ever perceived to be acting “suspiciously” by any police officer in the country, so the FBI can keep an eye on them in case they become radicalized somehow.

A number of officials and privacy advocates are already pointing out the database will inevitably be abused by the government, but given that every time popular outrage kills one of these programs a new, even worse one seems to crop up within the next few months, it remains to be seen how long they can fight what officials seem to determined to ram down our throats.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of