Former US Spy Chief: South Korea May Attack North

Says South Korean Govt Can't Survive Without More Confrontations

Speaking today on CNN’s “State of the Union,” former Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair said he believed South Korea will probably launch some attacks against North Korea in the near future, but that it doesn’t necessarily mean a major war will start.

Noting popular support for more military strikes (indeed there have been several pro-war rallies in South Korea recently) Blair added “a South Korean government who does not react would not be able to survive there.”

President Obama has already suggested that the United States is willing to participate in whatever moves South Korean President Lee Myung-bak decides are appropriate, including apparently the prospective military attacks.

Blair insisted that the tensions would only die down once South Korea annexes North Korea, which may point to several recent comments by President Lee calling for China to “prepare” North Korea for reunification.

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