US: Afghan Violence at All-Time High

Report to Congress Claims 'Progress' Despite Spiraling Violence

Violence in Afghanistan is once again reaching an all-time high, with massive escalations in the number of Taliban attacks and a surprisingly resilient insurgency shrugging off NATO’s offensive. This is hardly news to anyone following the endless war, but it is surprising as an admission from the US military.

But this is exactly what the Pentagon is telling Congress in their latest biannual report, even as they try to spin more record violence as proof of “progress,” something which has been regularly, and falsely, claiming in a number of such reports.

The report’s claims of progress are largely in keeping with comments from other Pentagon officials, but it is comparatively rare for those officials to admit just how badly the violence in Afghanistan is getting, even as 2010’s death toll spirals far beyond the previous record toll in 2009.

But the report is also distinct from the real “end of year” report the Obama Administration has promised, which is expected at some point next month. This report too is largely expected to rubber stamp the continuation of the war for the forseeable future.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of