Top NATO Official Backpedals After Telling Kids How Safe Kabul Is

Told Children's Show Kabul 'Safer' than London, Glasgow

Top NATO envoy in Afghanistan Mark Sedwill is scrambling to “clarify” claims he made on the CBBC’s “Newsround” program. a popular program for British children, about how nice the Afghan capital city of Kabul is.

During his comments, Sedwill claimed that children growing up in Kabul were actually “safer” than children growing up in the British city of London or the Scottish city of Glasgow. The claims drew scorn both from Kabul residents and human rights groups, noting that the city, though not as heavily attacked as the nation’s south, remains far from safe.

Sedwill conceded that the comments were poorly phrased, insisting that it was important to realize how much the security situation has improved across major cities in Afghanistan and that the city has a comparable situation to Western cities.

Yet Britain’s Foreign Office, which Sedwill worked for until his recent NATO appointment, still advises against traveling to the Afghan capital city, citing the “significant escalation’ of attacks in Kabul. The Foreign Office does not appear to make any comparable warnings about Glasgow or London.

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