US-Born al-Qaeda Spokesmen Resurface in Video Releases

Gadahn Slams Pakistan for Failed Flood Relief

Orange County born al-Qaeda spokesman Adam Gadahn has released a new video today, aimed primarily at condemning the Pakistani government for its “sluggish and halfhearted” response to the flooding crisis and urging the nation’s population to take up arms with militant factions. Meanwhile another totally unrelated video is said to be coming in the next few days from US-born cleric Anwar Awlaki, who though his ties have never been conclusively proven has been accused of being a “recruiter” for al-Qaeda.

Adam Gadahn

And while it doesn’t appear that either video has anything to do with it, the releases are being framed as sign of a growing threat centered around the ill-defined “Mumbai-style” terror plot that officials have been on about since yesterday.

The previous Mumbai attack was never tied to al-Qaeda, and officials haven’t gotten any farther with their new “plot,” except for mentions that it might be an “al-Qaeda” linked group of some sort or another.

Gadahn has been a high profile spokesman for the al-Qaeda network for years, and despite numerous occasions when he was reported killed or captured, he has remained at large. Awlaki’s role is much less clear, as despite official allegations he is not charged with any crimes and appears to operate independently, issuing sermons critical of US foreign policy. Awlaki was confirmed added to the president “assassination” list in April, and a current effort is ongoing to see some legal oversight to this planned killing.

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