US Officials Renew Focus on ‘Homegrown Terrorists’

FBI Director Warns of 'Domestic Radicalization'

A number of top officials in the Obama Administration testified before Congress today to warn of the growing risk of “homegrown terrorists,” suggesting that al-Qaeda and al-Qaeda styled groups are being increasingly successful in recruiting Americans.

US-born militant Adam GadahnSen. Joe Lieberman (I – CT) termed the number of Americans turned militants “astoundingly high” while FBI Director Robert Mueller warned of “domestic radicalization” become more and more pronounced.

The value of Americans being able to circumvent security measures is clear for the militant groups, and the value of scaring people about them is clear as officials try to enact ever more draconian measures.

But one thing is always left unspoken in this testimony, and that is the fact that the vast majority of Americans ten years ago hadn’t even heard of al-Qaeda, let alone considered joining them.

After nine years of war and no end in sight, harsh security measures and an increasingly militarized society, Americans are increasingly discontented, and the ability to recruit them has risen as a result. In this regard the “homegrown terrorists” are one of the most pure forms of blowback in the war, yet one of the least considered.

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