Quran-Burning Copycats Emerge as Protests Widen

Rev. Jones Remains in Spotlight

The increasingly tedious Rev. Terry Jones remains under an almost impossible media spotlight, as he continues to waver back and forth on whether or not he’s going to actually go through with burning the Quran.

But while Jones parleys his threat into media fame and a few phone calls from top US government officials, a number of other groups have emerged with their own axes to grind and their own Qurans to burn.

Perhaps it was inevitable, for wherever there is a media circus the Westboro Baptist Church cannot be far behind, and they have promised to perform their own quran burning if Jones doesn’t. Other groups from Tennessee and Wyoming have announced similar plans.

In the meantime protests have erupted worldwide on the assumption that someone, somewhere is probably going to burn something. In Afghanistan the protests have gotten increasingly big, and NATO troops attacked at least one protest, killing one and wounding a number of others.

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Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.