Mullah Omar: Taliban Victory ‘Imminent’

Urges US to Abandon 'Stubborn Policy'

In an end-of-Ramadan message that emerged today, reclusive Taliban leader Mullah Omar insisted that the Taliban forces were doing extremely well in their continued war against the international occupation forces and that victory is “imminent.”

Omar also directed comments toward the United States government, noting that the past nine years of war has failed to achieve its policies and urging them to abandon their “stubborn policy.

He added a demand that the international forces agree to an unconditional withdrawal “as soon as possible,” insisting it was in the best interests of everyone. Mullah Omar was the de facto leader of Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001, when the US invasion drove him into hiding. It is believed he is in Pakistan somewhere, though he has not been seen publicly.

Which was actually true even during his rule, as only a handful of photographs exist which are “suspected” of containing him, and none of them has been conclusively verified. Little is known about his exact role in the insurgency, though occasional communiques are released from him on their behalf.

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