US Officals: Israel Peace Talks Somehow All About Iran

Sen. Brown Calls for Yet More Sanctions to 'Help Peace'

Today’s peace talks between the Israeli government and the Palestinian Authority were productive, if only modestly so. And while most people might be looking at whether this can possibly be used as a springboard for a genuine peace in the Levant, a number of US officials are looking to make this, as with everything else, all about Iran.

Sen. Brown (R - MA)

Sen. Scott Brown (R – MA) was the most high profile out of the gate, insisting that the only way the peace talks could possibly move forward was “to further isolate Iranian President Ahmadinejad and to impose even more punishing sanctions on the Iranian economy.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has added momentum to this position, inexplicably shoehorning Iran into the middle of any comments more than a few minutes long. Mentions of Iran’s civilian nuclear program and the “threat” it somehow poses seem more common in a discussion of the peace deal than any of the actual issues.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) remains able to verify the non-diversion of Iran’s civilian nuclear materiel to any unapproved purposes. The Bushehr nuclear power plant is in the process of being fueled and could begin to produce energy sometime soon.

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