Reports Have Gaza ‘Opening,’ But How Much?

Israel May Reopen More Sites for Aid, But Insists Blockade to Stay

Reports from multiple sources, including former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, suggest that the Gaza blockade will be “eased” in some manner over the next several days, but the exact nature of this easing remains a matter of intense speculation.

In the wake of a deadly attack on an aid ship, Israel is under intense pressure from the international community to lift the blockade on the tiny enclave. The European Union has reportedly made overtures to see it lifted entirely.

But while Israel is expected to release a new official policy on Gaza, one that may see them open more border crossings to humanitarian aid, the right-far-right coalition government is unlikely to back off its naval blockade, particularly given its domestic popularity.

Prime Minister Netanyahu has announced that he has rejected an EU proposal to allow them to search aid ships that wish to visit the strip, insisting that allowing any ships to visit Gaza would be “problematic.”

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