Mixed Signals From Israel on Gaza Blockade

Netanyahu Vows No Ships Will Ever Reach Gaza

Though Israel has taken a publicly bellicose stance on the Gaza blockade, vowing to continue to use its military to ensure that no aid ships ever reach the besieged Gaza Strip, other reports suggest that the international pressure may be getting to Israel.

Israeli media is reporting that Netanyahu met with Tony Blair and told him he was open to relaxing, though not completely eliminating, the Gaza blockade in return for international support for the blockade.

The massacre of civilian aid workers earlier this week has sparked renewed criticism of the long-standing blockade, and even the US is said to be questioning the wisdom of continuing the blockade as it is currently constituted.

With international opinion pretty much universally against them, Israel is almost obliged to rethink the blockade, but the success with which Israel has spun the blockade domestically as a matter of national pride and the continued rallies in support of the killings of the aid workers may have put them in a politically difficult position.

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Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.