Israeli Drone Capable of Reaching Iran

Enormous 'Super-Drone' Mostly Useful for Surveillance

In a move which could impact a potential military strike on Iran, Israel today unveiled the the latest models of its Heron TP drones, including the largest Eitan “super-drone” with the wingspan of a 737 and a payload upwards of 1,000 kg.

The large, unmanned aircraft are mostly built around surveillance purposes, but officials were quick to point out that the drones had a maximum capable range which made them capable of reaching Iran.

Israel used earlier models of the Heron during the Gaza War, and the Israeli Air Force intends to have a squadron of the new drones formed later this year. Its long range appears to be the core of its design.

Israel has repeatedly threatened to attack Iran, though Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently told the Russian government that such an attack is not forthcoming. Analysts say that the drones, if used in an attack on Iran, would primarily be used to spot targets, as their combat capabilities are extremely limited.

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