Obama to Seek $33 Billion More for Wars

Obama to Seek $33 Billion More for Wars | Pledge not to seek ’emergency’ war funds gives way to another request

When President Obama requested a $106 billion “emergency” was funding bill in early 2009, it was promised that this would be the last time the administration would ever seek such a supplement, and that they would instead simply increase the size of their regular defense funding bill to cover the wars.

And indeed, the FY 2010 defense funding bill indeed included a massive bump in funding for the assorted ongoing wars, one that was shrugged off however as it was said to replace the annual “emergency” requests.

In spite of this, President Obama is now planning to ask for another $33 billion in “emergency” war funding to pay for his latest escalation of the war in Afghanistan, as well as to purchase yet more attack drones.

The president’s initial projections for war costs, given shortly after he took office, seem remarkably low in retrospect, as they haven’t anticipated the continuation of the Iraq occupation at such a high level nor the multiple escalations of the Afghan War since he took office last year.

The idea of folding the war costs into the regular defense budget seemed reasonable, since the United States is pretty much perpetually at war nowadays. The addition of a new “emergency” request on top of the increased defense budget has given Americans the worst of both worlds, and given Congress ample opportunity to pump billions in irrelevant projects into “can’t miss” war bills.

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Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.

  • Andy

    The USA is spending more money now then at the height of the cold war. Insanity.

  • Lets left and right together make Barry the war mongering liar a one term President.

  • Robert Fisher

    China has closed the Purse strings because Obama refused to come clean with them. where is he going to find enough funding now ? time to make some cuts on the middle class. someone needs to pay the bills and it wont be Israel. they only collect.

    • I was going to say the same thing except the title column forgot one thing. "Obama to seek $33 billion more for Wars…. for israel"

  • Llad

    Meet the new boss … same as the old boss

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  • pwi

    Hope and change! Remember. Some things just never quite work out the way they're suppose to.

    Obama is like those cool adds for ex-ray glasses, magic tricks and life size Superman/Batman figures advertised in the old comic books. Looks great and the price is awesome too but after you open the box… they never quite work right or live up to the marketing.

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  • AVietnamWarVet

    We have a smiling idiot and moron for a president who is a LIAR of the first degree.

  • Steve Hogan

    This is a perfect microcosm of Obama the man: he makes promises he has no intention of keeping, spends money we don't have, and wages unwinnable wars that endanger us all to enrich his buddies. He and his administration are an embarrassment.

    • Just as advertised. He never promised to end the wars, he promised to "scale down" the iraq war to focus on the "good war" everyone just projected their anti-war wishes upon him because he wasn't john mccain. im not defending obama, im just calling a spade a spade, his supporters were delusional, and so many of us pointed it out. Of course we all get stuck in the whole false left/right paradigm. There is no real important difference between the two parties, as far as fiscal and foreign policy (two of the most important policies) there isn't a shred of difference between them.

      • Steve Hogan

        I didn't claim that he promised to end the wars. Listening to his rhetoric prior to the election was enough to indicate there'd be little change in foreign policy. No surprise there.

        In this case, he specifically promised that there wouldn't be a supplemental spending bill for the wars this year. He either lied or has reneged on his promise. Either way, he is not to be trusted.

        • Theres one very easy way to know when obombthem is lying, he opens his mouth, and words come out.

  • Could someone (hopefully the author) let me know where I can find the source for "it was promised that this would be the last time"? The article linked to that text does not mention such thing, only that $106B funding was requested and passed.

    Not a rhetorical question, I would like to cite the source for my own material. Thank you!