US Drone Strike Kills at Least Four in North Waziristan

Local Tribesman's House Targeted by Missiles

US drones launched a pair of missiles at a North Waziristan tribesman’s home today, killing at least four people and injuring two others. The attack was just outside of the main town of Miramshah

The identity of the people killed was not immediately clear. Pakistani intelligence sources said that the attack was aimed at “suspected Islamic militants,” while security sources say that they have absolutely no information to back that up.

It is the second US drone attack in the region this week: a Monday attack against a Haqqani family compound killed at least 14 people. Most US attacks in the region have targeted the Haqqanis, which US officials have been pressuring Pakistan to start a war against.

The Haqqani family has been accused of being involved in yesterday’s attack on the forward operating base in Afghanistan’s Khost Province, just opposite the North Waziristan border. The attack killed eight Americans, later identified as CIA agents.

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