Report: CIA Invited Bomber to Afghan Base

Attacker Was Being Courted as Informant

As the CIA continues to reel from the single worst attack on the organization in over 25 years, the question of how the attack managed to sneak onto a highly guarded military base and hit a CIA building so secretive that even military spokesmen were referring to it initially as a “gym” may be answered.

According to former US officials, the CIA actually invited the bomber to the base, and had been courting him for quite some time as an informant. The attack, it seems, came when they attempted to search him.

The CIA would not confirm the details of the incident, saying they were still gathering evidence. Still, this would explain how officials were able to so quickly point the finger at the Haqqani network as behind the attack.

President Obama offered condolences and praised the CIA employees (conflicting reports have either seven or eight killed in the attack) as brave American patriots who made a great sacrifice for the American way of life.

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