Anti-Iran Rallies in Iraq as Border Tensions Linger

Nations' Border Still Not Clearly Defined

Iran is contending with numerous anti-government protests across its own nation, but tensions with neighboring Iraq look to be far from quieting down as well tonight as a myriad of anti-Iran protests are being reported across Iraq.

At issue is control over an abandoned oil field along the ill-defined border in Maysan Province. Iranian forces briefly occupied a well which each nation claims, with Iran insisted the move was meant to dismantle a barricade put up previously by Iraqi forces.

The two nations have had border disputes for decades, but interest in the oil field is picking up as Iraq begins auctioning off its oil resources. The nation even tried to sell off some of the disputed fields, but found no takers. Talks on a mutual development agreement have so far failed.

But even though Iran’s troops left Well Number Four days ago, the tensions have lingered, and one Iraqi group has promised to raise a tribal military to attack Iran and “liberate” the well.

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