Senate Republicans to Filibuster Military Bill

Move Aimed at Delaying Health-Care Vote

The House of Representatives’ passage of the $634 billion 2010 defense spending bill yesterday set the stage for what was expected to be a slam dunk vote in the Senate and quick signature by President Obama.

But Republican Senators surprised everyone today when they announced that they intend to try to filibuster the spending bill as a last ditch effort to hold up a vote on a health-care bill.

Senate Democrats expressed confidence that they had enough votes to override the filibuster, but this appeared dependent on support from liberal Democrats less than enamoured with the military spending bill, but eager to see a health care bill voted on.

Suggestions are that the Democrats aim to have the health care bill voted on by Christmas Eve, while Republicans express hope that if they can block it until after the Christmas recess Democrats will have to return home to increasingly skeptical constituencies and the bill will never recover.

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