UN Envoy: Galbraith Plotted to Replace Karzai With ‘Pro-US’ Alternative

Outgoing Chief Kai Eide Hits Out at Former Aide

Fresh off the announcement last week that he intended to step down from his role as UN Special Representative to Afghanistan, Kai Eide publicly lashed out at his former assistant Peter Galbraith.

Peter Galbraith

Galbraith played a major role in undermining confidence in Kai Eide, when he announced following his “dismissal” that Eide had ordered a cover-up of the extent of Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s fraudulent re-election.

According to Eide, Galbraith was plotting with the Obama Administration to replace Karzai with Ashraf Ghani, one of the lesser candidates in the vote. Galbraith confirmed discussing the idea within the UN, but insisted the talk never went beyond that.

President Obama was reportedly in favor of replacing Karzai shortly after taking office, but he decided in September that Karzai would remain in power, despite widespread poll fraud.

Whatever one thinks of Galbraith’s Afghanistan role, he lands on his feet. Just six weeks after his dismissal from the UN job, it came out that he stands to make over $100 million in oil profits for his dual role on the payroll of a Norwegian oil company and as an advisor to Iraqi Kurdistan, where he authored key provisions of the Iraqi Constitution which ensured himself a significant chunk of oil revenue.

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