Iran Tests More Advanced Long-Range Missile

New Solid Fuel Missile Is More Accurate Than Shahaab-3

Iran reported today that it has successfully tested its Sajjil-2 long range surface to surface missile, the latest in its solid fuel missile arsenal. The move sparked Western outrage and calls for additional sanctions.

The Sajjil-2’s solid fuel system is a major upgrade in accuracy over its current top missile, the Shahaab-3, though its range is approximately the same. The missile is capable of hitting Israel and the very southeastern tip of Europe.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said the test proved the need for additional sanctions against Iran, though since Britain has supported an endless barrage of sanctions it does not appear to have actually changed their position, just given them an excuse to reiterate it.

The White House also condemned the move, saying it undermined the “opportunities” offered by the Obama Administration to build trust. Exactly what these opportunities are was never made clear.

Iran insists the missile is purely a deterrent, and with Israel constantly threatening to attack, the ability to credibly threaten retaliation against locations inside Israel is no doubt a major goal for the Iranian military.

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