North Korea Presses for Direct Talks with US

Says Differences with US Need to Be Settled Before Mutlilateral Talks Resume

In comments issued through its state media today, North Korea called for direct two-party talks with the United States, insisting that there was no point in resuming the multilateral talks before they settle their differences with America.

The US has been ratcheting up its rhetoric against North Korea in recent weeks, insisting that they could never accept North Korea unless they move immediately toward complete denuclearization.

North Korea said that it would “go its own way” if the US didn’t accept the call for talks, which Western officials are seeing as a direct threat to expand its nuclear arsenal.

The nation ended its role in six-party negotiations in April, and ousted the IAEA from its nuclear facilities. In May, they successfully tested a nuclear weapon.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of