Iran Eyes Compromise Deal, Hints at Endorsement of Current Offer

Final Decision Expected in the Next Few Days

Though the matter still seems to be very controversial internally, Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki hinted that the Iranian government may be poised to accept the nuclear draft deal agreed to in the last round of negotiations.

At the same time, MPs are suggesting that the government seek a compromise deal, in which they send low enriched uranium overseas gradually instead of shipping en masse most of its stockpile.

Iran needs more highly enriched uranium for medical isotopes, but its domestic enrichment program is operating only to produce fuel at a much lower rate, that used in a nuclear power plant being built by Russia in southern Iran. Last week Iran proposed an alternative where it would simply buy the uranium outright, but it does not appear to have gained much traction.

Whichever the case, Mottaki says that the Iranian government’s answer will be announced publicly within the next few days.

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