Kerry: No Conditions on Pakistan Aid Package

Administration Still Struggling to Sell Plan to Pakistanis

As the Kerry-Lugar aid package continues to be a controversial matter across Pakistan, Senator John Kerry hoped to dissuade fears by insisting that the aid package included absolutely no conditions on the Pakistani government for accepting the $7.5 billion.

Yet the bill clearly attempts to establish US government oversight over Pakistan’s court system and military, and has been roundly attacked by officials as an attack on the nation’s sovereignty.

The bill also includes language critical of the Pakistani military and demands that the nation make more aggressive moves against the assorted militants. The military has declared the bill “insulting.”

The bill is largely backed by the Zardari government which badly needs an influx of cash. Yet the US still has to calm the fears of a myriad of interested parties, from the National Assembly to the military, or President Zardari may decide the offer is simply too risky.

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