US Officials Hope to Spin IAEA Inspection Timetable as Threat

US Grudgingly Concedes Yesterday's Talks Were Positive, Issues Same Demands Over Again

As every other participant in yesterday’s talks touted them as a significant step forward, US officials have continued to maintain as skeptical a tone as they possibly could, maintaining that their patience remains limited and issuing the same demands for IAEA access that Iran had promised days ago.

Despite the Administration’s false claims of having “uncovered” the facility, the revelation of the still under construction facility and the talks following it to arrange for inspections have been pretty routine, if mysteriously punctuated by repeated international demands for Iran to agree to arrange such inspections and repeated Iranian insistances that they already were doing so.

Still, the timetable has provided plenty of excuse to speculate, including claims by David Albright that the few weeks of time before the IAEA arrives will give Iran time to conceal all the scary covert things the hawks can only assume they are doing in a facility that isn’t even close to built and hasn’t had any nuclear material added to it.

This speculation about what Iran could possibly do with a partially built underground facility has led to insistances that, despite the concessions given by Iran yesterday, they are merely “stalling,” and has led to US vows that they won’t allow such stalling to continue much longer.

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