Israeli DM Rejects Nuclear Arms Ban, Citing Muslims

Israeli DM Rejects Nuclear Arms Ban, Citing Muslims | Barak insists ‘there can be no debate on nuclear disarmament’

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak insisted today that his government will not consider signing any treaty calling for a nuclear-free Middle East because of the “unruly” nature of the Muslim nations in the region.

Ehud Barak

Until the Muslim world from Marakesh (Morocco) to Bangladesh behaves like Western Europe, there can be no debate on nuclear disarmament,” Barak declared in an editorial published by Yedioth Ahronoth.

Israel is actually the only country in the Middle East which possesses a nuclear arsenal, though it only occasionally admits that this is the case. The nation launched a 1981 attack on Iraq over suspicions it might be attempting to acquire a nuclear weapon. It has already repeatedly threatened to attack Iran over its civilian nuclear program.

The IAEA assembly voted 100-1 today to support a nuclear free Middle East, with only Israel voting against the draft. The United States abstained though it insists that it supports the idea.

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  • Has the UN ever kicked out a Member? Why is Israel so special? Does the UN have authority to create countries?

  • I find Barak's comments very hypocritical. I have stopped listening to NPR and stopped watching corporate TV, because they would no doubt report Barak's comments without meaningful criticism. How can anyone claim to have the moral high ground when they are opposing nuclear disarmament? Answer that for me Mr. Barak. When you’re done with that you can tell me what is so enlightened about Western Europe? Wasn't it Western Europe (as well as Central and Eastern Europe) who have been responsible for the persecution of Jews for centuries? Let's not forget that the Holocaust was perpetrated in Western Europe, giving Zionist an imperative for immigrating to Israel/Palestine in the first place. It is Israel who is exhibiting the aggressive and belligerent military posture that Western European history is replete with. It is time for Israel to de-nuke and learn to live in peace with its neighbors (inside and outside of Israel).

    • Chavista, I was going to mention which Western Europe Barak would like Muslim nations to emulate, but you've touched on that so I'll move on.

      Zionism began it's emigration out of Europe and into Palestine before the Holocaust. You can get many stats of emigration and immigration and it's the Balfour Declaration that seems to be the real catalyst, not the Holocaust – but discussion is up in the air as to what the Holocaust represented in terms of creating a Jewish state in Palestine.

      As for Barak's comments, they are racist and typical of Israeli officials. The 100-1 vote is typical, but what will happen? Nothing probably. The fact is that Israel has nukes, hundreds of them. And Israel has never confirmed presene of nuclear weapons, albiet Vannunu made a brilliantly courageous effort.

      Plain and simple, the Middle East should do its best to stand up to the bullying by Israel – not to say they need to go to war with Israel, but to use the common ground to isolate Israel and bring more attention to the West surrounding the nuclear weapon issue amongst the other hundred or so violations and oppressive practices and atrocities Israel commits.

  • Geo1671 raises some good questions, but what I find amusing about the story is that Israel is shrill about Iran — now for over five years — but she won't agree to a nuclear-free Middle East — one of the planks in Obama's foreign policy platform that is hugely popular with every other nation on the planet. Israel's remonstrations about Iran are the pot calling the kettle black and the height of hypocrisy. Barak is supposed to be the leader of Israel's "left" because he is the head of the Labor Party. What total rubbish. Israel is ripe for a political realignment.

  • Has anyone ever considered filing a lawsuit against the U.S. government to cut off funding to Israel?

    I believe that there is some law that prohibits aid to nations not in compliance with the NPT, and have read that the reason the President never confirms Israel's nuclear status is that doing so would trigger requirements that the aid ban be enforced.

    Could a lawsuit in Federal court have the same effect?

  • Our government did and continues to do NOTHING about the June 8th, 1967 Israeli ATTACK of the U.S. Navy ship USS LIBERTY that KILLED 34 and WOUNDED 171. Why would you think we would stop sending them our tax dollars? Israel is not our friend. Remember the Liberty!!!

  • Carroll

    September 18th, 2009 at 9:16 pm

    Has anyone ever considered filing a lawsuit against the U.S. government to cut off funding to Israel?

    It would be more efficent and less expensive to just assassinate all the zionist in the US congress.
    And an excellent lesson to AIPAC in case they think of trying to replace their congressional minons.

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