FBI Arrests Seven in North Carolina Over Vague ‘Terror Plot’

Leader Accused of Going to Israel Once, Not Doing Anything

This morning the FBI arrested seven men, including six US citizens, in North Carolina on charges based around a vaguely defined terrorist plot the men ostensibly engaged in. The FBI’s official press release called the seven “homegrown terrorists.”

It appears that none of the seven actually engaged in any violent terrorist actions, though the leader, Daniel Patrick Boyd, is accused of having trained in Afghanistan in 1989. The officials say that the arrests are proof that dangerous extermists continue to live among us.

Neighbors of Boyd’s family expressed shock at the charges against the Raleigh resident, and the allegations make some bizarre accusations, including claiming that he stopped attending religious services earlier this year was proof that he had become more extreme in his beliefs.

Additionally Boyd is accused of having traveled to Israel in 2007 on a mission of jihad. He apparently spent an entire month in Tel Aviv although it does not appear he actually did anything while he was there and the FBI termed his mission “unsuccessful.”

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Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.