Outrage in Britain as PM Says Iraq Probe Will Be ‘Private’

Results to Be Announced Well After Next General Election

Critics condemned British Prime Minister Gordon Brown today, as he announced that the long-delayed inquiry into the nation’s involvement in the 2003 invasion of Iraq would be held “in private.” The probe will start next month and will not “apportion blame.”

Gordon Brown

Opponents condemned the announcement, saying Brown had delayed the promised inquiry so as to ensure that it would not finish until after the next general election (in June 2010) and now even details of the ongoing probe will be kept secret until after the vote.

Brown insisted the secrecy was necessary to ensure that those testifying would be as candid as possible. Members of Parliament have been demanding a full and public investigation for years, though former Prime Minister Tony Blair had blocked previous attempts.

The British government was one of the most significant backers of the US invasion, and details of talks between the Bush and Blair Administrations could shed significant light on the pre-war planning.

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