UN Security Council Imposes ‘Tough’ Sanctions on North Korea

New Resolution Seen as Having Little Impact

The culmination of weeks of international debate in the wake of last month’s atomic weapons test in North Korea, the United Nations Security Council today announced a resolution making several demands of the nation and imposing yet more sanctions against them.

US officials praised the resolution as “a strong and united international response” against the North Koreans, and calls on all countries to inspect cargo heading to or from North Korea. It does not, however, include a threat to use military force against the nation.

Analysts, however, see the resolution as having little impact. The provision for inspecting cargo requires the approval of the nation whose flag the ship is flying, and makes only vague threats of sanctions against those who refuse to allow the search.

Moreover, the bulk of the resolution directed at North Korea consists of unenforcable demands that the nation start adhering to the demands of previous resolutions. With North Korea already extremely isolated from the outside world, it seems the resolution will have no more impact than the previous ones did.

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Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.