House to House Fighting Reported in Gaza

Violence Continues to Escalate as Israeli Troops Move into Gaza City

Israeli forces moved into Gaza City today, sparking major gunbattles with Hamas militants. Tanks rolled through the streets, firing dozens of shells, and local hospitals are filling up with civilians. Witnesses on the ground say the Palestinian forces have attacked the tanks with RPGs, anti-tank missiles, and roadside bombs.

In parts of the city, the fighting has gone house-to-house. Both sides claim to have inflicted heavy damage on the other. The Israeli government hasn’t been particularly forthcoming with casualty figures, but reports say at least 55 Israeli soldiers have been wounded in the ground invasion. Of those killed today on the Palestinian side, most seem to be civilians.

As if the direct toll wasn’t bad enough, the fierce fighting also prevented the Rafah border crossing from opening, leaving doctors and truckloads of aid stranded in Egypt at a time when Gaza needs them desperately. The traumatic situation in Gaza manages to find ways to worsen every day, and with no end in sight, the worst may be yet to come.

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