Afghan Army Touts ‘First Solo Offensive’ Against Helmand Province
Troops Aim to Retake Territory They Lost in 2014
Libya Names Coup General Hifter as Army Chief
Hifter Still Has Designs on Ruling Libya Outright
US Denies Involvement as Iraq Attacks Tikrit
No Coordination At All in Operation
Pentagon Fears Growing Iran Influence in Iraq
Iran Overtaking US as Ally of Choice in Operations
Tensions Rise, Despite Netanyahu’s Claim of ‘No Disrespect’ to Obama
Israeli PM Declares Daily Existential Threats to Israel
State Dept Warns Netanyahu Against Leaking Iran Talk Details
Spokeswoman: Leaks Would Amount to 'Betrayal'
US Intel Chief: 40 Americans Have Returned From Syria
Unsure How Many Were Actually Fighting There
Obama Throws Cold Water on Chances of Iran Deal
Aims to Undercut Netanyahu Speech by Downplaying Talks
Syria Tribes Contact ISIS, Trying to Secure Release of Christians
ISIS Releases 19 of the Captured
Russian Opposition Rally Focuses on Murder of Former Deputy PM
Investigators See Killing as Likely 'Contract Hit'