10 Killed in Bombing in Pakistani Shopping District
Bomb Blast Smashed Windows Around Upscale Area, Causing Injuries
Syria Fighting Continues as UN Talks Get Under Way
UN Envoy Promises 'Serious Try' at Peace
US Generals Seek Increased Coordination With Russia in Iraq, Syria
Deconfliction Talks Aim to Prevent US, Russian Planes Getting in Each Other's Way
Iraqi Forces Capture Mosul Airport, Advance Toward City
Heavy Fighting Reported in Capture of Runway
Trump: Deportations Are ‘A Military Operation’
DHS: No They're Not
Trump Seeks More Nukes, Claims US Has ‘Fallen Behind’
Non-Proliferation Group: US Already Has Top Arsenal in the World
Turkey Claims Victory in Offensive Against North Syria’s al-Bab
Hands Control Over City to Rebel Faction
Joint Chiefs Chairman: US Mulling ‘Long-Term Commitment’ to Iraq
US, NATO Would Commit to Backing Iraqi Military in the Future
Despite Territory Losses, ISIS Moving Back Across Iraq
Officials Blame Corruption for ISIS' Quick Recovery
Poll: Most Americans Worried About War
Americans Also Want to Be Less Active in World Affairs