Senate Votes to End Debate on Montenegro Joining NATO
97-2 Vote Sets Stage for Accession Vote
US-Backed Kurdish Forces Attack ISIS Around Town of Tabqa
US Insists Tabqa Dam Is Totally Fine
Syrian Kurdish Leader: Raqqa Will Join Kurdish-Run Region
Insists Raqqa Must Be 'In Friendly Hands' in the Future
US Leads Boycott of UN’s Nuclear Disarmament Talks
Officials Insist US Must Retain Its Nuclear Arsenal
Britain Confirms Involvement in West Mosul Bombing During Civilian Deaths
Refuses to Provide Details on Where They Were Operating
Netanyahu Denies Any Deals Reached Limiting Settlement Expansion
Israel May End Up Offering No Specifics In Talks
US General: 5,000 More Troops Needed for Afghanistan
Insists Troops Needed to 'Break Stalemate'
Defense Secretary Seeks Deeper US Involvement in Yemen War
Mattis Urges US Military Involvement Against Shi'ite Houthis
Syria Threatens Scud Strikes If Israel Attacks Again
Warning Issued Through Russian Mediator
US Troops Capture Syrian Military Airbase Near Raqqa
Civilians Flee City of Tabqa as US Escalates Airstrikes