No Evidence of Threat, But US On ‘High Alert’ for July 4th
Officials Ratchet Up Security for Holiday
Obama Faces ‘Showdown’ With Congress Over Cuba Embassy
Congressional Hawks Vow to Block Efforts to Reopen Embassy
Iran FM: Final Nuclear Deal Close
Other Negotiators Confirm Major Progress in Talks
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Confirms Talk of Carving 'Secure Zone' Out of Kurdish Territory
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Latest in a Series of US Drone Strikes Targeting Mukalla
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CIA Used Intercepts to Press Germany Over Officials
Al-Qaeda Blames ISIS as North Syria Mosque Bombing Kills Over 25
Top Nusra Commander Reported Slain in Blast
After Sinai Battle, Egypt and ISIS Spar Over Narrative
Egypt Junta Produces Animated Video of Battle
Egypt’s ISIS Affiliate Fires Rockets Into Israel
Rockets Land in Open Area in South Israel
Obama’s Terror Policy Criticized Amid Claims of ‘Progress’
Former Officials Say Wars Causing 'A Lot of Unintended Consequences'