Joint Statement Underscores US-Russia Divide on Ukraine
Wording Means Two Very Different Things to Nations
Ukraine’s Eastern Invasion Stalls, Troops Withdraw From Slovyansk
Few Clashes, But Many Troops Surrendered to Locals
NATO Chief: More Troops, More Planes for Eastern Europe
Says NATO Will Launch Buildup Immediately
White House Vows More Russia Sanctions Over Ukraine
State Dept: Sanctions Will Wait Until After Geneva Talks
Since US Handover, Afghans Freed 4,159 Detainees From Bagram
Over 80 Percent of US-Held Detainees 'Found Innocent'
Obama Aims to Reassure Pacific Allies on ‘Asia Pivot’
Al-Qaeda Kills Rival Faction Leader in Northwest Syria
Top Nusra Front Member, Family Slain by al-Qaeda in Iraq
Jordan Warplanes Destroy Cars Along Syrian Border
Cars Belonging to Unknown Rebel Faction Refused Orders to Stop
Ukraine Troops, Armored Vehicles Surrender to Eastern Protesters
300 Troops Laid Down Arms in Slovyansk
US Confirms ‘Support’ as Syrian Rebels Show US Missiles in Videos
Anti-Tank Weapons, But Not Anti-Aircraft Missiles Being Supplied