Officials Continue to Push Trump Into Retaining US Hostility Toward Russia
Obama Warns Trump Not to Link Sanctions to Nuclear Negotiations
Germany Demands Trump Clarify His Foreign Policy Agenda
DM Vows Military Spending Increase
Syria Opposes Qatar, Saudi Arabia Participating in Peace Talks
Turkey Invited Both Nations to Talks Weeks Ago
Turkey, Russia Launch Joint Airstrikes Against ISIS in Northern Syria
Strikes Mark First Joint Operation Between the Two Nations
Rep. Gabbard Visits Damascus on Unannounced Syria Trip
Spokeswoman: Gabbard Met With Several Government Leaders
Assange Agrees To Go to US if His Rights Are Guaranteed
US Hasn't Publicly Charged Assange With Any Crimes
CIA Releases New Guidelines on Spying on American Citizens
Details Center on How They Can Search Massive Amounts of Data They Get Ahold Of
Ukraine President: World Must Unite to Fight Russia
Says US Leading Anti-Russia Efforts Would 'Make America Great Again'
FBI, Other Agencies Probe Possible ‘Covert Russian Aid’ to Trump
Investigators Question How Kremlin Would've Funded Scheme
Russia Ready to Talk With Trump on Nuclear Arms, Syria
Russian FM Sees Trump as Big Difference From Obama