Hagel: New World Order Means Endless War
Talks Up 'Steady, Long-Term Efforts' on Assorted Conflicts
Breakaway East Ukraine Prepares for First Elections
Will Elect First Parliament of Donetsk People's Republic
White House Insists Syria Policy ‘Clear’ and ‘Working’
Tries to Distance Themselves From Hagel Memo
Ukraine Militias Warn They’ll Launch Coup in Six Months
There Won't Be a Third Maidan, Leaders Warn
Report: Iranians Paying Afghans to Go Fight Against ISIS in Syria
Taliban Fighters-Turned-Mercenaries Sent to Syria
Inspector General: Army Refuses to Stop Giving Contracts to Taliban Backers
Army Insists Information on Backers Is Classified
UN Security Council Condemns Israeli Settlement Expansion
Emergency Meeting Declines to Vote on Any Action Against Construction
Mass Graves Discovered: 228 Sunni Tribesmen Executed by ISIS in Anbar
ISIS Rounded Up Albu Nimr Tribesmen Resisting Takeover
Israeli DM Scraps Plan to Buy US Osprey Warplanes
Surprise Move Comes After Snub During DC Visit
Gen. Dempsey: Send ‘Advisers’ to Front Lines in Anbar Province
Pushes Iraqi Govt to Start Arming Sunni Tribes