Kurdish Peshmerga Capture Mount Sinjar From ISIS
Kurdish Officials Declare Mountain 'Liberated'
US Sending Hundreds of Additional Ground Troops to Iraq
Joint Chiefs: 350 Troops Already Stationed in Anbar Province
ISIS Retakes Iraqi City of Baiji, Troops Flee to Oil Refinery
Officials: Refinery Given Priority Over City
Outrage Aside, Congress Likely Can’t Stop Cuba Normalization
Experts Say Obama Can Easily Weaken Embargo
State Dept Delays Release of Study on 1953 Iran Coup
Says Report Would 'Undermine' Iran Nuclear Talks
US Confirms: We’ll Veto UN Resolution on Israeli Occupation of Palestine
'Not Something We Would Support'
Boko Haram Kills 32, Kidnaps 185 More in Northeast Nigeria Raid
Cameroon Claims Troops Killed 116 Boko Haram Fighters
US Blames North Korea for Hacking Sony Pictures
Still Offers No Evidence to Support Allegation
Geneva Conventions Invoke Rights of Palestinians
Israel Insists Geneva Conventions Don't Apply
US Blames Sony Hacking on North Korea, But Is There Evidence?
Officials to Claim Certainty, But Won't Back That Up