Libyan Warplanes Attack Oil Tanker off Sirte
Officials Claim Tanker Full of Reinforcements for ISIS
Syrian General Killed in Downtown Damascus Car Bombing
Six Others Killed in Blast Claimed by Islamist Faction
Top US General: Troops to Stay in Afghanistan for Years to Come
'There Is Overwhelming Support to Do Something'
NATO: ISIS Recruiting Heavily in Afghanistan, Pakistan
Taliban Splinter Groups 'Rebranding' as ISIS to Get Funding
US Eager to Placate, But Israeli Govt Split on Terms
Israeli Military, Foreign Ministry Split on Deal
US Defense Secretary Blames Iraqi Troops for Recent Losses
Hints at Possible Strategy Changes in War
Syrian State Media: ISIS Killed Over 400 Since Fall of Palmyra
Monitors Confirm Mass Executions, Put Toll at 217
Syria: 300 Islamists Killed in Rescue of Troops From Idlib
Friday's Loss of Hospital Was Evacuation Operation
Administration Begins Dismantling NSA Metadata Program
Senate Mulls Another Vote on Extension Next Sunday
Senate Heads to Recess With No Patriot Act Extension
Votes Fail on Both Efforts to Extend NSA Surveillance