Iraq MP Urges Inquiry Into Airstrike Against Shi’ite Funeral in Daquq
Seeks to Know If US or Turkish Planes Are Responsible
Iran: Turkey Mustn’t Violate Iraqi Sovereignty Over Mosul
Turkey Claims It's Participating in Invasion Despite Iraqi Objections
Syrian Army Makes New Gains South of Aleppo
Troops Capture Key Hilltop in New Offensive
US Army Chief Talks Up War With Russia, Insists US Will Win
Other Pentagon Leaders Accuse Russia of 'Challenging' US Leadership
UN: All Sides to Blame for Lack of Aleppo Evacuations
Delays Prevented UN Taking Advantage of Russian Ceasefire
US: ISIS Aims to Establish Caliphate in Afghanistan
Insists ISIS Fighters Are Foreigners, Afghans Don't Accept Them
As US Ratchets Up Pressure, Philippines’ Duterte Backs Off ‘Separation’
Officials Accuse President of Creating 'Climate of Uncertainty'
Gunmen Kill at Least 61 Police Trainees in Pakistan Academy Attack
Over 100 Others Wounded in Attack
ISIS Launches Growing Counterattacks as Offensive Nears Mosul
Group Seems Determined to Divide Attacking Forces
EU Braces for Influx of ISIS Fighters After Mosul Offensive
Fall of Mosul Could See ISIS Recruits Returning to Europe En Masse