Obama: US Officially Recognizes ‘Syrian Opposition Coalition’

US Recognizes ‘Syrian Opposition Coalition’ | Coalition is a US-orchestrated exile group with no legitimacy among the real Syrian opposition

President Barack Obama on Tuesday declared that the US officially recognizes the Syrian Opposition Coalition as the sole “legitimate representative” of its country’s people.

“We’ve made a decision that the Syrian Opposition Coalition is now inclusive enough, is reflective and representative enough of the Syrian population that we consider them the legitimate representative of the Syrian people in opposition to the Assad regime,” Obama said, paving the way for the greater US support.

“Obviously, with that recognition comes responsibilities,” Obama said in an interview Tuesday with ABC News. “To make sure that they organize themselves effectively, that they are representative of all the parties, that they commit themselves to a political transition that respects women’s rights and minority rights.”

The Associated Press misleadingly reported that Obama announced US recognition of “Syria’s main opposition group.” But that seriously mischaracterizes the so-called Syrian Opposition Coalition.

The group was formed as a US initiative and was officially acknowledged after a US-orchestrated conference in Qatar in November.

The Coalition is supposed to be made up of Syrian dissidents and opposition groups from across the spectrum. But it is largely another exile group without strong roots inside the country, and vehemently rejected by the armed rebel groups fighting the Assad regime on the ground in Syria.

Other Western governments, like Britain and France, have already formally recognized the Coalition.

The Obama administration’s announcement came immediately after the State Department’s decision to officially designate one of Syria’s foremost rebel groups, Jabhat al-Nusra, a group tied to hundreds of suicide bombings and al-Qaeda in Iraq, as a terrorist organization.

That decision was met with ardent backlash from more than 100 rebel groups on the ground inside Syria, who signed a petition expressing solidarity with al-Nusra and promoting the slogan “No to American intervention, for we are all Jabhat al-Nusra.”

“It has united a broad spectrum of the opposition — from Islamist fighters to liberal and nonviolent activists who fervently oppose them — in anger and exasperation with the United States,” reports The New York Times.

So as the US announced its recognition of a detached, pro-Western, unrepresentative exile group as the legitimate leader of the Syrian people, the great bulk of the actual Syrian opposition – both armed and civilian – threw their support behind a notorious jihadist group with ties to the same fighters that battled US troops in Iraq.

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  • lydia476

    Having hijacked the Syrian people revolution against Assad, US/Clinton's arrogance leads them to believe her foreign terrorists can be foisted on the Syrians people without severe consequences.

    Hillary me thinks believes this new lot of rebel fighters must be a better investment for the $$45mil US intends to plow into the overthrow of Assad and this mob of brigands must be more likely than the previous lot to hand over the Syrian people resources to the coalition of the dummies? Me thinks Hillary's been smoking too much 'happy weed'.

  • Pro-western corrupt puppet regimes like they have been propped up in Iraq, Lybia and Afghanistan are not accepted by the majority of the populations in those countries. They have led to more endless devastation and bloodshed. The resistence to these regimes are dubbed terrorists and jidahists by the western corporate media manufacturing consent among the general public in support.

    • 08oo

      You are completely right. And endless devastation and bloodshed is not seen as unwanted, but an intergral part of the ruling mechanisms in this US imperialistic "Arab spring" project, as planned long ago in the Pentagon – proof: https://08oo.wordpress.com/2012/05/30/key-reasons

  • 08oo

    In case of victory, which ONLY can come with NATO bombing and sending permanently in more and more foreign mercenary killers and looters, they will kill each other – as planed and wanted by USA and made similarly in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Jemen, Somalia, Sudan.

    This is just modern Imperialism. This is a under-cover proxy guerilla warfare, in US Army terms: UNVENVENTIONAL WARFARE that has been planned long ago.

    Proof: https://08oo.wordpress.com/2012/05/30/key-reasons

  • paulBass

    i think it will be funny when al qaeda gets a seat at the u.n. before palestine does

  • Ben_C

    The national discourse when it comes to US foreign policy is off the rails insane at this point…

    A proxy war is being waged on Syria, and it's not entirely clear why. The premises, assumptions, 'facts', conclusions…everything…on seemingly 'all sides'…are all completely flawed as it relates to the discourse on US foreign policy in shining US "democracy"..

    The Obama Administration's official line seems to be that the US is 'promoting democracy' (i.e. Afghanistan), while, at the same time, backing an unelected exile group whose only achievement, from what I can tell, was to win over the "hearts and minds" of US State Department. Even armed militant insurgents on the ground in Syria have released statements and videos denouncing and repudiating this US anointed exile 'group'…deemed by the Obama Administration to be the “legitimate representative” of the the Nation of Syria… despite the fact this "group" was certainly not 'elected' by the "Syrian people", is not even located inside Syria, several members have not been in Syria for years…even decades in some cases….and are even repudiated by the very militant "uprising" they claim to be advancing.

    The Obama Administration claims it wants to create a: "political transition that respects women's rights and minority rights"–'rights' which are respected under the current Syrian regime….a 'political transition' which is already underway…

    All this reminds me: how's the "Afghanistan" 'project' going? Has "corruption" been eliminated due to the almighty 'democracy' the US brought–and is seemingly still stuck 'bringing' after 10 years? Is there "stability"…respect for "rights of minorities and women"? Are the authorities in Afghanistan "brutal"–even now in this Utopian "democracy" (drones.. night raids…ahem…)….

    Is Assad in any way, shape, or form any 'worse'….or even comparable in terms of "brutality"–than any of the US generals put in charge of Afghanistan and/or Iraq (…the 'surge'…shoot anything that moves…)?

    All of this double talk is on it's face absurd (at least it seems so to me) and isn't serious–especially considering everything the US has been through recently with these various 'projects'; yet, so many (particularly the lame-stream and US lawmakers across the political spectrum) seem to (at least pretend to) blindly and uncritically accept the narrative that Assad is an 'evil dictator' (somehow able to enjoy 'popular' support by all metrics available, and even deemed a "reformer" by US officials only a few years ago)–and requires 'ousting'…and the terrorism and deliberate destruction of Syria by the militant insurgency will somehow payout in the end for the "Syrian people" if the US just continues to encourage and fund the terrorism and violence… All the while, improving the US's standing in the so-called "War on Terrorism" by creating a new safe-havens and breeding ground for terrorists and terrorism…and it is all somehow in the US's interests?

    None of this is logical…on top of everything, it seems as though the Obama Administration thinks even putting forward a spurious explanation to the public as to why and/or how all of this benefits US national security is a complete waste of time…other than saying something to the affect that 'Allies in the region are interested in the outcome'…which goes without saying…

    • conumishu

      Excellent summing up.
      The logic must be found in what Justin Raimondo calls Bizarro World.

  • mr correct

    how can Obama recognizes the Syrian rebels as an opposition, while it's linked to Al Quaida. Is this a naive thinking, a stupidity, or a sabotage of the middle east?

    • heath

      Because DC sees the Assad outfit as too much under the spell of the Iranian hegemon in the region and as such attempts to roll that influence back even if this means employing the very people they were fighting against in Iraq and Afghanistan, even if that might create bigger problems down the road but that's the successors problem as the current crowd have moved on to bigger and better things, right?

  • mojo

    There is nothing new presented here by the U.S government.., its been the U.S and EU job to divert the peoples of middle east for democracy for over 60 years, as long as there is this falsified democracy acting on behalf of the American people, as long as these Liberal fascism rule Europe, as long as these tyrants in middle east exist you will see the backstabieng, murdering of people in middle east.., U.S and EU always had their difference in terms of domestic politics.., now they share their differences by cooperating in wherever they can dictate their atrocity toward nations. The U.S, franc, the germans, the english, the swedish are all of a same kind is just that their politics differs, but in essence regarding their world hegemony is same pail of SH…..TTT .

  • santamikey

    Obama's got his legal framing for war. how quaint. But why is the US constructed opposition group called "Syria's main rebel group"? IF it's just recently formed, how does it become the main rebel group? thought the bulk of these fools were still holed up in Istanbul formulating their master reach.

  • Pashtin

    columnist Margaret Kimberley writes:

    Some African Americans associate racial progress with Black people achieving “the right to perform the evil acts which were once the reserve of whites.” The ascension of Black secretaries of state marks “the first time that black Americans began to look the other way and excuse their government’s inhumanity.”
    “Rice is no different from John McCain in her beliefs of how the United States should conduct itself in the world.”
    More than 95 percent of Black voted a baby killer to stay in, because they are ONLY interested to have a BLACK FACE AT THE "white" house, without any regard that blackness is killing the world.
    OBAMA IS WORSE THAN GOEORGE BUSH. It is the time to treat White and Black evils the same.
    It is time to treat all the terrorists the same, regardless of color.

    “The black man who destroyed Libya and Somalia and who is on the road to destroying Syria will have another terrorist of color by his side.”