Al-Qaeda and Possibly Infiltrators in Libyan Forces at Center of US Consulate Attack

The US had credible information about an attack but failed to warn the diplomatic mission in Libya

The assault on the US consulate building in Libya Tuesday night was a planned attack by al-Qaeda militants that may have involved infiltrators within Libya’s new security forces.

According to senior diplomatic sources, the US State Department had credible information 48 hours before the attack that American diplomatic buildings may be targeted, but no warnings were given for diplomats to go on high alert or to otherwise respond accordingly.

While the attack was initially thought to be solely in response to an insulting anti-Muslim film produced in the US, it included heavy weapons and rocket-propelled grenades and turned out to be a two-pronged attack too well coordinated to be a spontaneous protest.

Wanis el-Sharef, eastern Libya’s deputy interior minister, told the Associated Press the attacks were suspected to have been timed to mark the 9/11 anniversary and the recent killing of an al-Qada commander in Pakistan. The militants used civilian anger about the anti-Muslim film as cover for their action.

After the initial attack, Americans were taken out of the consulate building to hide out in a safe house, but that the safe house was then attacked in an equally coordinated attack. Sharef said infiltrators within the Libyan government forces may have tipped off militants to the safe house location.

The incident is turning out to be a serious and continuing security breach for the US government, according to The Independent: “Some of the missing papers from the consulate are said to list names of Libyans who are working with Americans, putting them potentially at risk from extremist groups, while some of the other documents are said to relate to oil contracts.”

The US government led a NATO mission in Libya last year to unseat Muammar Gadhafi. From the beginning there were concerns that the rebel militias being aided in the war had extensive links to al-Qaeda. The new US-backed government has not been able to control the country since nominally coming to power, as rebel militias continue to hold power in many areas throughout the country and refuse to disarm. Militants linked with al-Qaeda remain in Libya, with several encampments in the east.

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  • We know from our experience with American Embassies in Australia, that they are hubs for spying.

    Who would know what information was in Benghazi and what those who stole the information will do with it.

    Perhaps Julian will publish it in due course assuming he's not in Guantanamo being tortured..

    • 08oo

      in this case USA+NATO did not only spy, but organize the whole uprise and war – see my sources below. Including the NATO-media for small flash-mob demonstrations blown up by dramatic actors and close-up camera shooting. and also using the UN as a toll of propaganda and war.
      The claims of the UN resolution of killed civilians were knowingly false and never investigated.

  • 08oo

    USA has been warned about this dangerous "Arab spring" -theater play they provided:

    Ex-CIA officer: Braindead West wants Jihadists to rule Libya(at 5:00): <a href="” target=”_blank”>

    French defense expert <a href="” target=”_blank”>
    At 3:50: USA they "have a secret agreement with the Jihadists: YOU GET THE SHARIA AND WE GET THE OIL" reporter from Libya <a href="” target=”_blank”>
    13:20 NTC people said to me: it was the USA who brought in Al Qaida. Libyans do not want the islamists, but the US wants them and is controlling them."
    In another interview he said, that the US and British secret servcie and special forces did occupy all upper floors of a central hotel in Bengazi, from where anything going on from the beginning has been controleld and coordinated.

    Libyan rebels destroy Christian cemetery:
    <a href="” target=”_blank”>

    All those "colored revolutions", uprises, "civil wars" and "humanitarian bombings" were faked theater plays by USA that were just unconventional wars, planned long ago:

    war plan from 1991 against all former soviet client states:
    <a href="…” target=”_blank”>…
    <a href="” target=”_blank”>
    Some were targeted in combination with or sole by "US-made" revolutions:
    <a href="” target=”_blank”>

    I have posted those links on several occassions here, and I am asking me why antiwar writers still seem not to know this or ignoring it in any article written here by any author. It seems to me that antiwar is a clever try to brainwash specifically the antiwar movement in the USA.

    • MvGuy

      Nice work o8oo…….

      "I have posted those links on several occasions here, and I am asking me why antiwar writers still seem not to know this or ignoring it in any article written here by any author. It seems to me that antiwar is a clever try to brainwash specifically the antiwar movement in the USA."

      Antiwar has a tough job to do……. keeping the site going and relevant… You are sketching out ALL the assets being deployed by the forces of ???? …… You can think of it as US/NATO……. but WHO controls this UIS/NATO entity…… ??????? Who interests are being promoted by this wide ongoing project to bring oil/Is-rael friendly govs to Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria….??? Check out prisonplanet(DOT)com they have a piece of the puzzle and NOT the whole picture …… Don't expect any one place to get the WHOLE PICTURE……. It could be fatal…… Raimondo does good works….. but he seems to have made too many compromises at the shop……….. And there seems to be no way to contact him that others don't see (delete?) first….

      Go to the comments section of article "The Big One Commeth" by Raimondo…….. In a comment there Sibel Edmonds writes ………..

      I have been a fan of yours for many years. I respect you, and love your fiery, straight-forward and no-nonsense analyses/commentaries. I was also a loyal follower of AW.Com …until two years ago when things began to change significantly. Your news gatherers have been promoting all the known culprits who have by now zero credibility. At any given day at least 45% of news provided come from: Wash Post, BBC, NYT, Al Jazeera. Believe me a few of us have been compiling statistics (have documentation). Not only that, without citing any reasons, your new woman Angela Keaton has decided ban all y articles/analyses (you guys used to publish my pieces regularly in the past). Your moderators have been censoring not only my comments but dozens of other previously loyal AW followers. Many have received labeling response 'Anti-Semite' from Keaton…Exactly the kind of thing you and many of us have been fighting against.

      I hope you decide to change course. Respectfully,Sibel Edmonds"

      One has to be VERY careful when commenting on CERTAIN TOPICS here… certain PEOPLE here… and if Sibel Edmonds has been summarily banished…….. how many others have gotten tired of having their work deleted by the "protective" cordon around certain topics and/or people.

  • W_ThePoster

    IF these wallscalings are truly caused by the noxious film, how come they begin on Sept 10 when the film's been around for months? Who has been asked about why they acted in these days around 911? Isn't it a flash mob? Aren't the demonstrators mostly unemployed youths? Somebody has told them that they have been insulted and their mothers with them. They are not the phenomenon. They are the equivalent of a soccer riot. The purpose of those who initiated it might be exposed by the nature and target of the attack in Benghazi. That sounds like revenge assassination against visible Americans. In short, the stupid movie is irrelevant to the important event.

  • tribalzendancer

    Can the author please tell me why he is perpetuating the boogeyman hype about Al Qaeda in Yemen? You mention it in the title and in your first sentence.

    I am shocked that would promote this false narrative, of all websites!

    Al Qaeda is a catch-all term that can be thrown onto any militant resistance group, and boom – US intervention ie war, drone strikes and all the rest become justified for everyone here in America.

    To perpetuate this false narrative is to perpetuate war. I am sad to see this article fall into the propaganda of our own military.

    These attacks were not carried out by the immediately bombable and dismissable "al Qaeda." These are people fighting back against a puppeteer-ed government and froeign invaders. We've killed innocent families there. We are the terrorists in Yemen. And they are fighting back in the language *we speak to them.* This is our language. The language of force. And they are using it against us in an effort to get us out of their country and to stop the drone assassinations which have killed their families and even US citizens.

    Please issue a retraction or clarify. How can not see that perpetuating this narrative about al Qaeda and a "war on terrorism" is never going to end OUR wars OF terrorism. Thank you in advance for correcting this. 🙂

    To your credit, you this website did publish this article and I'm sure many others that make a similar point:

    As a constructive suggestion, I might encourage getting all of your writers up-to-speed on this point so it can be challenged consistently, rather than occasionally reinforcing our government's justifications for infinite war abroad.

  • tribalzendancer

    This article really should be fixed for inaccuracies. It has one blatant inaccuracy: the article which was linked to in the first paragraph, which was supposed to be evidence supporting the al Qaeda link – it never mentions al Qaeda! It only says "militants," and there are lots of groups, among them legitimate resistance groups to the US that could be behind this, so please correct the title of this extremely misleading article.

    Also please remember that these militants are engaging in the tactics of war. The US has declared war on Yemen informally via its actions. This will lead to violent blowback, which seems fully justified within the paradigm of war. If we want to stop terrorism, we need to stop participating in it.

    Please respond.

  • December01

    This is nonsense. What evidence is there that this was a coordinated attack? Or that this was done by Al-Qaeda?

    The simplest answer is that Libya is awash with both weapons and Islamist who are located in East Libya where Benghazi is located. And a anti-Islam film has provoked anti-American protests across the Muslim world resulting in US embassies being attacked during these demonstrations.

    What is the chances of Al-Qaeda coordinating an attack on a US embassy (out of all the other US targets in Libya) on the same day (well it is 9/11) and the same time of the day when people in Libya decided to join the Arab world to protest at US embassies? It sounds highly unlikely. Unlikely to choose the same US target (an embassy), same day (makes since to choose 9/11), but to choose the same time that Libyans decided to join the Arab world in protesting at US embassies.

    Listen to Vijay Prashad on RT. He doesn't believe it's Al-Qaeda and says Al-Qaeda is a simple (lazy way) of explaining what happens and the world is much more complicated.

    (start the video at 8:20)

    At 2:10 in the RT video Vijay gives a number of attacks that have happened in Benghazi alone this year leading one to believe that this attack on the US embassy is just another one of these attacks (but received more attention than the previous attacks).