IAEA Chief ‘Frustrated’ Over Delays in Iran Site Access

The Parchin site has not been shown to be a part of Iran's nuclear program

The head of the UN’s nuclear watchdog said he was “frustrated” over Iran’s delays in giving immediate and full access to a military site that is not a declared nuclear site, and thus not technically within the agency’s jurisdiction.

“We consider it essential for Iran to engage with us without further delay,” Yukiya Amano, director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said Monday in reference to the Parchin military site. He also said he was disappointed that negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program haven’t led to a final agreement.

But international observers should not be surprised that Iran hasn’t followed every demand and dictate of the inspectors and the Western -led negotiators.

In Moscow, the Iranians offered a proposal that included agreeing to halt uranium enrichment to 20 percent, to more fully cooperate with international inspections, and to “operationalize” the Supreme Leader’s fatwa against nuclear weapons. In exchange, Iran asked for easing economic sanctions and international recognition for Iran’s right to have a peaceful nuclear program under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

The proposal from the P5+1 demanded that Iran halt 20 percent enrichment, ship out its 20 percent stockpile, and dismantle the highly fortified Fordo enrichment facility. In exchange, the US-led group offered Iran spare parts for its civilian air planes, a pathetic offer that they must have known would not result in much reciprocation.

The so-called diplomacy with Iran has been “predicated on intimidation, illegal threats of military action, unilateral ‘crippling’ sanctions, sabotage, and extrajudicial killings of Iran’s brightest minds,” writes Reza Nasri at PBS Frontline’s Tehran Bureau. These postures have spoiled the chance to resolve this issue promptly and respectfully.

After the failed talks in 2009 and 2010, wherein Obama ended up rejecting the very deal he demanded the Iranians accept, as Harvard professor Stephen Walt has written, the Iranian leadership “has good grounds for viewing Obama as inherently untrustworthy.” Former CIA analyst Paul Pillar has concurred, arguing that Iran has “ample reason” to believe, “ultimately the main Western interest is in regime change.”

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Author: John Glaser

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  • Neil

    Iran has no reason to dismantle Fordo, allow inspections of Parchin, or ship out their nuclear stockpiles, because none of the terrorist actions of the West are about nukes. Thankfully Russia, and China will forbid any UN sanctions, and they have stated unequivocally that they will deem an Iran attack as an act of war. Iran should stay calm, work with Russia, and China. If the West becomes reasonable then great, if not they can stay in hell..

  • mojo

    Yukiya Amano, go and take a cold shower or with your lover somewhere and have a vacation, if nothing is god for you, it will take the stress out of you and pump you with some intelligent. Why don't you ask the same question of Israelis

    • james

      LOL mojo, this tool is a fool. The problem is those tools do not see how ridiculous they sound. The more they speak the more funny it becomes, I would think he should take up standup comedy after the powers that be use him up and spit him out.
      In terms of integrity, the will never be another Mohamed Al-Baradee. I think he single candidly prevented earlier escalations towards Iran.

      • TooTrue

        Tool sums him up well: he has one rubber stamp for Tepco and another for AIPAC.

  • Valerianus

    Of course Amano is "frustrated" with Iran. That's why the CIA had him installed as the head of the IAEA. El Baradei didn't get "frustrated" with Iranian compliance, and that made the FedGov very, very angry. You could see the steam coming out of the ears of the spokespersons and their handlers. What was El Baradei doing to their precious contrivance of a casus belli??? He was single-handedly derailing it! Oy! What to do??? Fortunately for them, El Baradei had a fixed term, so they didn't have to arrange for an accident. Those wet operations just don't seem to go off as well as they used to, so they're a, how do we put it, a "risk management liability." Instead, they waited him out, as much as it tortured Nutty-yahoo – you could see the steam coming out of his ears -, and after El Baradei left office they got even by putting a corrupt, bought-and-paid-for tool in charge of the one agency that actually gets to see Iranian nuclear facilities.

    • james

      God Valerianus, I wrote my comment above in rely to Mojo before I read your spot on comment.
      Great minds think alike.

  • Johnny_Warbucks

    I have an idea that may help him pass the time constructively while he waits: INSPECT ISREAL!

  • peter vojta

    But IAEA Chief "is not Frustrated" about illegal arsenal of undeclared WMD in Israel? Are these people healty? Or isnt it that "special desease" one gets, when he develops "special love" for Zionist Israel …World is sick, but thanks to the Internet anybody interested in Truth will found it…..peter czech

  • Bianca

    Frustrated? Wonderfull new age vocabulary! Or is he "conflicted". Or just "overwhelmed" with emotion?

    He is PAID to be a diplomat. Diplomats are PAID to handle contradictions of tough negotiations. His "frustration" is revealing that he is certainly not a professional, but a political hack.