Third Helicopter Crash in 10 Days Kills 2 US Troops in Afghanistan

Somehow, the Democrats are getting away with saying Obama is bringing the war in Afghanistan to an end

A US helicopter went down in Eastern Afghanistan on Wednesday, killing two US troops, the third time in 10 days that a coalition helicopter has come down.

The Defense Department official would not confirm the cause of the crash, saying it is under investigation. But officials have not ruled out that the chopper was shot down.

“Sometimes these things take weeks to determine the actual cause,” Maj. Adam Wojack of the International Security Assistance Force said.

Another NATO helicopter crashed near Kandahar less than a week ago, killing two Australian troops, plus one on Aug. 26, described by ISAF as a “hard landing.”

These latest US casualties bring the number of soldiers killed in the failed war in Afghanistan to 2,112, and somehow the Democrats are getting away with describing Obama’s policy in Afghanistan as one of “ending the war.”

David Rothkopf, CEO and editor at large of Foreign Policy magazine, has written that President Obama was reluctant to recommit to the Afghan war with a surge in troopsfrom the beginning, but that he did it anyways because he “could not afford to look weak” or “come under political attack from the right.” So, thousands of coalition soldiers and tens of thousands of Afghans have been killed because Obama was afraid to be called a wimp.

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