Netanyahu Angrily Breaks Up Key Cabinet Meeting on Iran, Citing Leaks

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu angrily broke up a key cabinet meeting on Iran on Wednesday, accusing one participant of leaking details of the secretive meetings to the press.

Israel’s Security Cabinet meeting convened on Tuesday to discuss regional threats, primarily Iran. When the group reconvened on Wednesday, Netanyahu sent everyone home saying whoever spoke to the media violated “the most basic trust.”

Netanyahu didn’t specify what information was leaked, but Israel’s top newspaper, Yediot Ahronot, did report that Israeli intelligence organizations disagreed over Israel’s ability to strike Iran’s nuclear facilities effectively on its own.

The outburst is illustrative of Netanyahu’s frustration at seemingly failing in his push to pressure Washington to back it’s preemptive strike on Iran, for a nuclear weapons program both countries admit doesn’t exist. Last week, America’s top military official Gen. Martin Dempsey reiterated that the US would not be “complicit” in an Israeli strike, which he explained would be counterproductive.

Not only is the US military and intelligence community against such a military strike on Iran for now, but much of the Israeli leadership is as well, and the leak was another indication of that. Netanyahu and his pro-war supporter Defense Minister Ehud Barak seem to be slowly and reluctantly backing away from their trigger-happy postures.

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  • heathroi

    the yappy dog finds the limit of its chain.

    • Trond

      Cat gets caught barking by a human and resumes meowing:

  • Yonatan

    The ultimate whining leaker doesn't like leaks! Who'd a thought it!

  • Loraine

    "Bibi," we don't want to go to war for you!!!!

  • bikpet

    Nethayanhooo and his arrogant partners in crime are thereal stain on humanity, he has no atom of human feeling in him,no feeling or affection for any body except himself and the people who follow his devilish propaganda, he even kills his own people to upgrade false flagged propagandadas, every thing failed on him, thailand bomb plot, geogia and india, norway, and recently, bulgaria. all these countries that i mentioned failed to follow up the bombings, why? cus they knew who did them all. the world leaned something after all these years of lies. the world has followed the right part.

  • bikpet

    Bibi the zionist is finished. All he has now is threats of Armageddon. Bibi, master of terrorism. What a clown. Israeli Jews are finally waking up. Nobody expected this.

  • bikpet

    Thank you Iran for standing up to those Zionazi thugs that have butchered millions of people around the world. It seems like Iran is going to free us westerners from the shackles of Zionist/neocons slavery. We are with you Iran and waking up as many comatosed sheeple as we can that the murderous rats are the Zionists in control of our Government and Iran are only defending themselves and hopefully will free us as well! God Bless Iran!

  • keltrava

    Never believe what comes out of Israel's government.
    If they do decide to strike they will let everyone know they aren't striking.
    More importantly citizens around the world should be planning counter efforts i.e. boycotts,sanctions, protests, occupys etc against Israeli interests. Like most people after reading Israeli propaganda daily in the media for 50 years I've had enough.

  • W_ThePoster

    He'll have to go talk it over with his Dad, then come back batsh/t crazy as hell again.

  • Davin

    Netanyahu is a clown. Let him go cry in his diaper.

  • eileen kuch

    Oh, Bibi, they're coming to take you away, ha-ha-ha! To the funny farm, where you'll be banging your head against the wall and talking to yourself on a daily basis, while the rest of the world – including the US – goes its own way and holds diplomatic dialogue with Iran and Syria.

    Yes, Bibi, your days are numbered; even many of your people are sick and tired of your constant babbling.

    • nmaat433

      'while the rest of the world – including the US – goes its own way and holds diplomatic dialogue with Iran and Syria. '—you either are willfully ignorant of US history or are being disingenuous and sarcastic?

  • Kolya_Krassotkin

    The world cannot afford to leave a dangerous lunatic in charge of a country with nuclear weapons.

    Regime change in Israel is long past due.

    • The US has had dangerous lunatics in charge of its nuclear weapons for 67 years now, so it's not like there's anything new in the concept.

  • nmaat433

    The operative words here are "for now". A temporary stand down does not mean it's over or plans have been scrapped. The US will just wait til after the elections. And people keep talking about Israel as if they are the puppetmaster; the US's imperialism pre-dates the Israel state and if anything is simply using Israel as a useful idiot. I don't believe for 1 second that israel is in control. They are pawns who won't realize it til it's too late.

  • Johnny_Warbucks

    Aaaaaaaaawe…poor, poor Zionist pig. He can't get his way anymore.