Russia Criticizes US for Iran Sanctions, Warns They Put Ties at Risk

Russia sharply criticized the US-led international sanctions on Iran’s economy on Monday, calling them “overt blackmail” and a “crude contradiction of international law,” and warning that they could harm bilateral relations with Moscow.

“We are talking about restrictive measures not only against Iran but also affecting foreign companies and individuals working with it, including in the hydrocarbon extraction and transport, petrochemicals, finance and insurance industries,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

The Obama administration has led an effort to internationalize the economic sanctions on Iran, not only blocking trade with US companies but others based all around the world. The measures, essentially economic warfare, have been crippling Iran’s economy, arresting the flow of credit, and blocking important pharmaceuticals and medical care, putting tens of thousands of sick Iranians at risk.

But the measures are also affecting international trade, raising concerns in Russia. “We consider efforts to…impose internal American legislation on the entire world completely unacceptable,” the statement added. “We reject methods of overt blackmail that the United States resorts to in relation to the companies and banks of other countries.”

“Those in Washington should take into account that our bilateral relations will suffer seriously if Russian operators … come under the effects of the American restrictions,” the ministry said.

Washington is placing sanctions on Iran in order to placate pressure from Israel, which has been pushing the Obama administration to launch an unprovoked war on Islamic Republic. This is the first sign that such measures are at the expense of America’s other alliances. The acquiescence towards Israel from Washington runs counter to US interests for several reasons, but burning bridges with other allies because of the sanctions is yet another strain on US standing.

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  • JDonald

    Its about time that some country stepped up and challenged the short-sighted policies of the USA in trying to placate Israel.. Then again, most of the elected representatives in the House and Senate of the USA have never had the best interests of the USA at heart. Most of them are on their annual junket to Isreal paid for by AIPAC and its subsiduaries to be indoctrinated by the wishes of that country. When will Congress get down to the work of improving life in America.

  • mojo

    A wrong policy will follow another one and another and another, and there is no time to learn from your mistake because is to many of the wrong doings and by now non can be corrected…, that is to say US and England been at it making wrong policies since 1950s, is a hegemony, an old fascist idea that US and England are the “civilized” world and rest are not even close, therefore they needs to dominate the world teaching other nations how to live their life.., that is to say.., before they end the world by having more wars and more wrong doings by having no solution for the last one, as in Syria, Israel and Iran situation US and EU are stocked in a funky mud, sinking but talking as if they were in haven talking to unknown.

  • the lion

    American exceptionalism, WE THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA can make laws for the rest of the world, BUT we dont accept any other countries laws, even the ones we have signed treaties to observe!

    I wonder how, Justice Robert Jackson, US SUPREME Court who served as the chief prosecutor in the Nuremberg trials would think about America today, at Nuremberg he said the following…………

    “If certain acts of violation of treaties are crimes, they are crimes whether the United States does them or whether Germany does them, and we are not prepared to lay down a rule of criminal conduct against others which we would not be willing to have invoked against us.”

    • eileen kuch

      Your point is very well made. I can imagine what the late US Supreme Court Justice and Nuremberg Trials Chief Prosecutor Robert Jackson would think and say about the illegal acts of the current US Regime; it would NOT be pretty.

      The Russians are correct; these draconian sanctions are – in effect – an act of war that will result in nothing but severe consequences for this Gov't, unless it lifts these illegal sanctions immediately and negotiate with Iran in good faith.

      Israel has NO allies; period. Tell any USS Liberty survivor that Israel is our ally; he'd punch your lights out. We DO have an ally in Russia; so, it's long time that both the President AND Congress quit acting as airheads and revive the good relations we had with Russia just a few years ago.

    • Augustbrhm

      This is nothing new this is america`s policy "correction" israeli american policy":

  • jinx77

    all nations should impose sanctions on the US government… cut all ties….demand that they remove all military personnel from their countries..until the US gov…gets a clue …that the zionists dont own the world

  • John V. Walsh

    America's "other allies"? Does this mean Russia? Russia hardly qualifies as an "ally."
    The U.S. has had Russia in its cross hairs since the collapse of the USSR – or at least since 1992 when the Clintons took office.

  • pendulum

    Obama shoves his hand into the manure pile and does not expect it to stick or stink, what a goof

  • ML3

    how i long for the days of a US president who could and would tell this crappy little country, in no uncertain terms, where it could go if it didn't shut it's damn sick mouth already.

  • peter vojta

    But will Russia repeat its Serbia, Lybia stand? Erdogan became big disapointment, will Putin hide behind "slogans"again ? peter czech

    • R.C.

      Well, so far, Putin has held steadfast on Syria, so maybe the Russians are indeed really fed up.

    • Augustbrhm

      Edorgan will end up like Saddam Hussein when america has no use for him.

  • curmudgeonvt

    Wait…wait…here it comes…won't be long before the uber-zions start demanding the US attack Russia because of it's anti-zionist position.

  • There is an easy solution, Russia. Simply provide Iran with a few nuclear warheads . . . that will shut the idiots in Washington up. If Israel is not willing to give up its nuclear weapons, how can they demand that Iran should not have them, and, if the USA allows Israel to have nuclear weapons, then they have no right telling Iran that they cannot have them. Best course is give the UN full and unbridaled power to enforce a world-wide ban . . . . unfortunately, as is human nature, that will not happen until there actually is a nuclear exchange . . . . . if we happen to survive it.