Bolton Accuses Obama Admin. of Leaking Israeli Info to Avoid War

Former U.S. diplomat and leading neoconservative John Bolton alleged Thursday that the Obama administration leaked secret information about Israel’s plans to attack Iran in order to foil those plans and avoid a war.

Bolton was referring specifically to an article in Foreign Policy revealing that Israel has recently supplied Azerbaijan with a $1.6 billion arms deal including “sophisticated drones and missile defense systems” and has also, U.S. officials suspect, secured access to airfields which could be essential to Israeli fighter jets flying bombing missions over Iran.

“I think this leak today is part of the administration’s campaign against an Israeli attack,” Bolton claimed on Fox News, as if a campaign against an unnecessary, unprovoked war was a bad thing.

Bolton pointed also to Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta’s comments to a Washington Post columnist that he expected Israel to attack Iran sometime in the spring. Public revelations like this, Bolton charged, are an attempt to derail a preemptive Israeli strike on Iran.

Astoundingly, Bolton added, “I think the pressure that the administration has put on Israel has been just merciless, behind the scenes.” In reality, the charge is absurd. As Jacob Heilbrunn at the National Interest writes, Obama’s staunch support of Israel is never enough for his ideological neoconservative detractors.

Heilbrunn: “He condemned the Palestinian drive for statehood at the United Nations. Not enough. He awarded Israel $3 billion in military assistance, an all-time high. Not enough. He repeatedly avowed his commitment to Israel’s security and well-being. Still not enough.”

Some unconfirmed reports would make this latest alleged leak somewhat moot. After viewing the results of a Pentagon war simulation and securing more military funding from the U.S., some reports say Israel has decided to put off any plans for a unilateral strike on Iran until at least next year.

Bolton charged the Obama administration with believing that “an Israeli attack [is] worse than an Iranian nuclear weapon.” This is a strange either-or scenario though, considering the U.S. intelligence consensus that Iran has no nuclear weapons program and has demonstrated no intention of creating one.

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  • persnipoles

    Sounds like Bolton is working for Obama's reelection. Where was that little bad-cop when he could have been b**ching about Ron Paul?

  • andy

    Bolton, still crazy after all these years.

    • Aarky

      Not just crazy; "batshit crazy" and he should be in a padded cell. He is only one of the Zionist zealots and Israel Firsters who have pushed all the embargoes, sanctions missile defense plans,and saber rattling on behalf of Israel. They ignore the fact that the past and present heads of the Mossad and US intelligence say Iran is no danger to Israel. All of this Kabuki theater (Hold us Back, we'll attack any day now) from Netanyahu and the Likkudniks is almost like N Korea. and we throw all sorts of goodies their way. That nagging question should be asked: check out a map: How does Israel get to that base in Azerbaijan? Overflying Turkey or Iraq, might cause serious problems. This is probably Psy Ops on Israels part and Bolton is always happy to oblige.

  • shenyang

    I think Mr. Bolton ought to go and live in Israel. I don't think he is very happy living in the US.

    • tomofsnj

      I thought Bolton already has moved to Israel. I would take a bet that he is a dual citizen.

      • Jaime

        I bet he is a traitor and a fifth columnist.

  • mojo

    Look John, read this:” Bolton charged the Obama administration with believing that “an Israeli attack [is] worse than an Iranian nuclear weapon.” This is a strange either-or scenario though, considering the U.S. intelligence consensus that Iran has no nuclear weapons program and has demonstrated no intention of creating one”.

    Iranian dont have atomic bomb nor they are developing such weapon, Israel have more then one you should talk about Israel not Iranians, unless you don't believe your own intelligent services. You need to tackle the issue asking Obama to start bombing Israel if they don't comply with IAE regarding their atomic weapon arsenal, you get it wrong John, is other way around John.

  • John_Muhammad

    If the White House is leaking info that prevents or at least stalls the drive to war against Iran on behalf of Israel, I'm behind that 100%. Leak on.

  • 1984

    Bolton is a dishont snake:
    "they have not done anything more dramatic, such as withdrawing from the nonproliferation treaty, or throwing out inspectors of the International Atomic Energy Agency, which I actually hoped they would do that that kind of reaction would produce a counter-reaction that actually would be more beneficial to us." they = Iran

  • Cold Wind

    For at least once, the President did something right. Overwhelmingly, the American people do not want yet another war for apartheid Israel. And of course, Bolton is certifiable, belongs in a padded room somewhere.

  • Rightster

    Bolton was one of the primary supporters of the terrible threat of Iraqi nukes hitting American cities via drones. He sure as heck isn't looking out for America's foreign policy interests, but rather the interests of the "member State" that is again providing the phony scare information to the UN that our intelligence agencies don't agree with.

  • jinx77

    I keep wondering ..who died and left the t USA/israel ln charge of everything….

    they do no wrong anywhere

    • andy

      Who died and left them in charge? Why the USSR of course.

    • persnipoles

      You could fill up the great wall of China with those names…

  • Valerianus

    I suppose that once Bolton gets himself into the White House, he will arrest Obama and extradite him to Israel for violating Israeli espionage laws.

    • Aarky

      Newt Gingrich actually stated that he would have Bolton as his Secretary of State. All that grandiosity and whining will do him no good. The vast majority of primary voters saw Gingrich as a willing whore for Israel when it became known that he had accepted $16.5 million from a Zionist zealot in Las Vegas to compete in the race for Prez.

  • Roger Lafontaine

    On one side there is money and the influence and connections to power that money buys. On the other there is the voice of Reason – or at least wise caution. Who will end up winning this battle? How much pressure can the Administration or perhaps only a few within the administration, resist to deter this war? Is the president able to deny Israel this war much longer? Can any president truly deny Israel anything for very long?

  • Ira Epstein

    If indeed the Obama administration leaked secret information to prevent a war with Iran, then one cheer for the Obama administration.

  • boatops

    AVOID A WAR, Thank You President Obama! Israel is NOT our friend! REMEMBER the USS LIBERTY!!

  • JoaoAlfaiate

    Shouldn't Bolton be in gaol for providing "material assistance" to the MEK, an outfit on the State Dept's list of terrorist organizations?

  • omop

    Bolton is angling to become amigo #4 to [Lieberman, McCain and Graham]. Enough said.

  • Nathan

    “Bolton Accuses Obama Admin. of Leaking Israeli Info to Avoid War.”

    So, what the hell is wrong with avoiding war, you crazy, old, warmonger?

    • andy

      That was just what I was thinking. Of course he won't do any of the fighting.

  • Nathan

    No matter what they call themselves, those media that keep publishing day in day out about a possible Israeli or American attack on Iran are actually in the camp of war mongers, as by doing so they are psyching up the people for war, thereby helping the war mongers.

  • W_ThePoster

    Wish we hadn't laughed at him so much in college. Probably contributed to his megalomania in later life.

    • persnipoles

      You can't imagine how the people who stole his milk money feel now.

  • Kolya_Krassotkin

    My respect for Obama just went up %500.

  • George

    I don't see the basis for Bolton's charge that a leak would be meant to head off a Israeli strike, but it might be a pressure tactic of the Obama administration and/or the Israelis on the Iranians to cut a deal.

    • Aarky

      If only a few people in the know would have spoken up before the attack on Iraq in 2003.

  • Johnny_Warbucks

    When is Bolton going to move to Isreal already?