Push for US Intervention in Syria Grows

As the Syrian regime has continued its atrocities against civilians and the armed opposition becomes more emboldened, the calls for a U.S.-led intervention are growing louder.

Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman John Kerry (D-MA), reports Josh Rogin at Foreign Policy, urged for some kind of intervention in support of the opposition and against the regime of Bashar al-Assad, saying “[t]here are many different options as to how we can do that. There are the early beginnings of a civil war taking place in Syria. And if the government is going to kill randomly, people deserve the right to defend and fight for themselves.”

Kerry would not explicitly describe how a U.S. intervention would manifest, but did not mince words in suggesting that intervention was in the works. “Syria is not Libya,” Kerry said. “But nobody should interpret that statement to suggest that it means that Syrian leaders can rely on the notion that they can act with impunity and not expect the international community to assist the Syrian people in some way.”

Journalists on the ground in the opposition’s stronghold of Homs have reported definite shelling by Syrian security forces of civilian areas. A recent UN Security Council resolution on Syria was voted down by Russia and China, partially out of concern that the U.S. and its allies would use the resolution to justify regime change in Syria, just as was done in Libya to oust Muammar Gadhafi.

But blocking intervention at the UN has paradoxically hardened the West’s calls for perhaps a quieter route. “This is not only a recipe for deadlock at the UN,” writes Daniel Larison, “but also for a clash of interests between Assad’s patrons and Assad’s enemies” that may put interested powers “on a path to make Syria’s internal conflict into a proxy war.”

Kerry spoke at a security conference in Munich along with a number of other influential members of Congress. “There’s a lot we can do to provide moral support and to provide material support, along with Turkey and other nations, in assisting these people with medical care and other assistance,” added Senator John McCain (R-AZ).

Joe Lieberman (I-CT) said, “I hope the international community and the U.S. will provide assistance to the Syrian Free Army in the various ways we can. I hope we will work with Turkey and Jordan to create safe havens on the borders of those two countries with Syria.”

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, although she claimed military intervention “has been absolutely ruled out,” has also said, “[W]e have to redouble our efforts outside of the United Nations with those allies and partners who support the Syrian people’s right to have a better future.” Some take this as innuendo suggesting covert intervention.

The humanitarian concerns in Syria are very real and the Assad regime is very brutal, but Washington’s pretensions of concern for the Syrian people are questionable when balanced with its own veto record at the UN and its support for brutal dictatorships elsewhere in the region. Indeed, the U.S. and its Arab allies in the Gulf States would welcome the chance to remove Assad from power and eliminate Iran’s primary ally.

But the consequences of intervention are likely to be more dire than anything seen so far in Syria. Despite having no authority to go around instituting regime change, Washington lacks the understanding of how best to organize Syrian society and sectarian wars could be unleashed in the event of a power vacuum. As has happened in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya, the regimes Washington leaves behind are just as brutal as the ones with which they so savagely dispense.

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Author: John Glaser

John Glaser writes for Antiwar.com.

  • Moira F

    I hope China and Russia are paying attention! They will be next!!!

    • R.C.

      Not without starting a nuclear holocaust they won't.

    • tomofsnj

      I think you missed that they are not next. They are the present. The Russians are providing arms to the Syrians. This is a line in the sand which Russia and China understand that if they give in they lose the resources of the middle east. Russia and China see the NATO forts moving more and move into a position to attack. This is very serious and it has been in the works for a very long time. Moshe Sharett the second prime minister of Israel recorded discussion by Ben Gurion about getting involved in the politics of Syria in an effort to take over the region. Ben Gurion decided to stick with the plan on attacking Egypt. The meeting was 1953 two years before the Egyptians nationalized the canal which was the "offical" reason for Israel, France, England attack Egypt.
      When it comes to the middle east believe the worse and you might not even get close to how dark politics of the middle east happens to be.
      One thing to remember that if the keep starting war one of them will end up nuclear.

    • LibertyRising

      Can you reveal the date that you donated your brain to science? I mean, we're accustomed to hearing the most idiotic comments from supporters of our police state but, Moira, WOW! You really have risen to the top of the class in stupidity!

  • niqnaq

    Rather than just taking the BBC's word for it, you might consider Nir Rosen's report, which is here.

    • tomofsnj

      BBC has been caught taking a ton of money to report "friend" stories. One has to now put the BBC on the level of Rupport Murddock zionist papers. There is no organization which would give money and not expect something in return. It is a shame but none of the "real" reporting organization are anything but prostitutes.

    • John Glaser

      niqnaq, the source you cite finds the BBC report credible: http://angryarab.blogspot.com/2012/02/crimes-of-s

  • Ali

    According to the way America and its usually ignorant, bloodthirsty Senators have it, it suffices to hire and arm a couple of hundred stupid terrorists and create chaos and mayhem in a small part of a country, and then run to the UN calling for resolutions of regime change and take over the operations openly. Nice formula. Specially when the despicable Senators and media in the West, consider it a win-win situation, no matter what the outcome. If they succeed in regime change, great. If not the chaos and destruction will have achieved the next best result.

    However, a larger picture is emerging. America and Europe, are perfectly willing to apply that design not only to certain countries one by one, but to the whole world at large. The amazingly stupid American Senators, a testimony to the undeveloped and still very primitive character of American people and their European ancestry, are willing to just burn up the world if it does not rush to serve their even more stupid demands, all the while imagining that they are a separate, superior entity to the world, and can still safely issue stupid decrees and feel very important.

    The rest of the world has learned to laugh at these good for nothing clowns. The game is over. Let them have their pathetic last dance on the "Hill".

    • GERN

      Yes, exactly!!! This is not reported NEAR enough at ANTIWAR.COM or ANYWHERE for that matter.

    • Nathan

      Bravo Ali, well said!

    • Dani Baker

      Blood and oil. I feel so embarred, helpless by the US, I have to bring back to Busch, he is a war criminal. Who put Gadafi in power or syria's leader. We did. Fuck it cut the cord. Iam moving away from here.Leaving behind The United Corporation Of America.This Country does not learn from it's mistakes, Korea, Veitnam.

  • Wherever the US/Israel intervened in the world the situation grew far worse, more people were killed and the war became a never ending one. Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan,Libya, Gaza, Westbank………………..

    • Wolfgang9

      Yes, and that's what is the intention.
      The US (CIA), NATO, and Israel just want to create trouble to make these countries completely
      inefficient in foreign policy, neutralizing them!! Its not the intention of supporting democracy,
      it is the intention that sectarian wars will make those countries to failed ones.

      We can see that around the globe, in Asia, in Africa and South America. As son those coutries become stable again, die US and NATO will interfere again.

  • CanuckBC

    I have taken a look itno who and why fights in Homs. First of all – I found that every thirty years in last millenia there was an uprising in Homs. Homs is a home of so called "Yemenites" The Banu Kalb tribe is even in words of prophet Muhammad to be the first followers of evil figure Sufyani. This guy will be known for spreading corruption and mischief on the earth before their Mahdi comes.

    Is US elite playing the role of Sufiyani – evil? To me it looks like that. The fights in Syria is fight thousands year old between groups of Moslems of different flavour of Islam. The good guys (our designated freedom fighters this time are Sunni Moslems fighting "apostates" Shias who in turn believe that Sunnis are apostates). That is why Arab League led by Sunni leaders wants so badly to overthrow a Shia Assad in Syria. Why the west is taking side in this doctrinal fight is beyond me. It looks like USA wants to inflame whole Middle East. There is a doctrinal civil war in Iraq, which in terms of human suffering is far greater than that in Syria. And even that is nothing to the bloodbath which comes after Sunni Islamists win the fight in Syria. In Syria it maybe just Syria government's ' bad luck that they ar of the same doctrinal wing of Islam as the main opponents in Iran. It looks like it is a proxy war agains Iran.

  • Why the headline is not "Push for *MORE covert* US Intervention in Syria Grows" – as the second lines says ?

    Why is not explained what covert* US Interventions did happen in Syria and since when ?

    Where is the proof that the Syrian regime acts against civilians? It makes no sense at all to do this, because it would CREATE resistance and they do not need to stop protestors since the huge and many PRO-Assad demonstrations in virtually all towns shows that Assad is supported by a huge majority of Syrians. Of course warmongering media and antiwar does not show this:
    HUGE censored Pro-Assad demonstrations in any town of Syria:
    A collection of many:


    neue نوع جديد من الهتافات في طرطوس 22-11-2011

    Thousands of Syrians In Raqqah Syria street Nov 2011

    the people of Homs speak:


    The people even urge the government to use more military in order to stop these CIA/Arab league- terroists!

    The plan to destablize Syria(English/German)

    completely different views:

    Thierry Meyssan Reporting from Syria

    Webster Tarpley

    (engl.at 0:39)

    videos from the beginning of the Syria plot:

    Peaceful unarmed civilians? : http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&v=pbdZR-GzWZ4

    Al qaida-Armee proud of 1000s of killings http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-gGJW4YHRw

    Attention ! Graphic, Al Qaeda brutality !-> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ES_Rs5ljRK4
    beheading: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=952o1DJhcbQ

    Are you still believing in this Al Qaeda story? Check this from Libya and be aware that the same method is used all over the muslim countries:
    Ex-CIA officer: Braindead West wants Jihadists to rule Libya:

    French defense expert

    At 3:50: USA they "have a secret agreement with the Jihadists: YOU GET THE SHARIA AND WE GET THE OIL"

    globalresearch.ca reporter from Libya

    13:20 NTC people: it was the USA who brought in Al Qaida. Libyans do not want the islamists, but the US wants them and is controlling them.

    • GERN

      This needs to be discussed and investigated much more. Especially on Antiwar.com.

    • Valerianus

      Americans, even many of those who see the evil of their government's actions in other ways, have been so conditioned to despise Arab nationalist regimes that they utterly fail to see the blatant evidence of CIA/Mossad covert activities in Syria, even when Obama and other "leaders" openly bray about it happening. It is a testament to the effectiveness of US propaganda techniques.

  • notinmyname

    This article is actually pretty one-sided and tacitly in favour of the sort of "humanitarian intervention" seen in Libya, which destroyed the country. Nearly all the so-called reports from "activists" are from the Syrian Human Rights Observatory based in London and probably funded by zionists/CIA. These reporters on the ground fail to mention they are seeing only a narrow slice of what is happening. So why make assumptions that cast Syria in the worst possible light? Why does Glaser quote war-mongering zionists like Lieberman and McCain? Not likely to get sense from them. Also why does nobody talk about the Arab monitors' report which attributed much of the violence to a shady, unidentified third group? Who are they and who is controlling them? If libertarians keep falling for this deceitful humanitarian propaganda, we will have an attack on Iran with goodness knows what awful consequences before we know it. Thank god the Russians and Chinese have seen through the two-faced US/UK position.

    • Honza

      "This article is actually pretty one-sided and tacitly in favour of the sort of "humanitarian intervention" seen in Libya, which destroyed the country."

      I completely agree. The misleading title shows already that much, and then the content is just an outpouring of the Empire's Newspeak. Should Antiwar.com start calling itself Antiwar Incorporated from now on?

  • It looks like the same type of looting rebels as in Libya:

    Interior Ministry: Terrorist Groups in Homs Escalated aggressions against Citizens
    Interior Ministry on Monday stated that armed terrorist groups in Homs have escalated their aggressions and criminal acts during the latest weeks, perpetrating heinous crimes that claimed the lives of hundreds of civilians, booby-trapping private buildings, kidnapping and looting private and public properties. http://www.sana.sy/eng/337/2012/02/06/398905.htm

  • popsiq

    Lots more people being killed in South sudan. But there's no 'government' there to intervene about, I'd guess.

  • John Ellis

    Its a class war — Outside intervention will turn Syria upside-down

    A governments are a brainpower dictatorship such that stability can be achieved only when everyone is in their proper pecking order. For brains like sex appeal pass from father to son, the 25% highest achievers own most of the wealth and all the slaves, the 25% educated middle-class are given quality jobs and homes in order to fulfill their burden as slave drivers, and the lower half of society known as the laboring-class is kept impoverished to achieve to maximize profits and productivity.

    For Gaddafi of Libya, Assad of Syria and Congress of USA, they were all hand picked by the 25% most wealthy.

    And so, what Empire USA did in Libya it is now striving to do in Syria, namely to give all political power to the educated middle-class. Surely a sever case of insanity that will take High Society a decade to unscramble.

    • Wildey

      Never in history has a three class society survived. America was the best attempt but thinking people know what it is. Democracies? Their akin to a lynch mob. Justice without recognition of the Transcendental law, God's law. The bible states in Cor. 3:17 no Christ, no LIBERTY. Christ and liberty are gone to America, instead we have an amoral group of people out after power and greed. The world is seeing what these armed to the hilt people are capable of, Countries like Syria and Iran are taking the brunt of they're ambitions. Like our Declaration of
      Independence, Countries like Russia, China, India, Brazil. Sri Lanka etc. will be forced into taking a stand. It'll be called WW111 leading to the return of Christ.

  • John V. Walsh

    This is a civil war with outsiders like the US and Israel supporting an armed insurrection.
    5000 people killed but apparently 2000 are government forces.
    If Syria did this to the US, they would be gone.

    • Wildey

      In the 1860's America had a civil war that cost more than 500,000 lives. Foreigners in the form Englishmen tried to use it to takeover America. It was only the friendship Lincoln had with Russia's Czar Nicholas that saved the country. The Russian fleet was waiting for the English when they arrived. They thought it wiser to turn around.

      AIPAC and those in power of the US aren't interested in savings lives, their interested in power in the Mid East. America needs "black gold", oil, only sold in dollars. It's aim is making oil, other peoples oil, the commodity backing the counterfeit defunct dollar. Either they are going to repent to God and change their ways or WW111 is just about upon us because countries like Russia, China, India, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Iran etc. won't go along with it. Its an all or nothing game for those in power in America.

  • dmaak112

    The pretense that our interest in the Syrian turmoil has to do with support for democracy and/or concern for civilians belies the real intention of destroying a recalcitrant regime. First, we have, and still do, align ourselves with dictators and other authoritarian governments. Whether a Batista in Cuba or a Somoza in Nicaragua or a shah in Iran or a Mubarak in Egypt, we do not let our “democratic” sensibilities interfere with our foreign policy pursuits. Bashar al-Asad is not “our man in Damascus,” and therefore needs replacing. Second, American-Syrian disagreements are not solely the product of the success of the Asads. Decades before Hafez would come to power, Damascus and Washington were not on good terms. Syrian purchase of Soviet arms in the 1950s, rejection of US proposals to divide water resources with Israel, its union with Egypt, tensions over Lebanon resulting in President Eisenhower ordering marines into Lebanon, as well as support for Palestinian guerrillas all preceded Hafez al-Asad’s rise to power in November 1970. Third, twenty-five years of neocon efforts to reconfigure the Mideast has become, and remains, the dominant policy for both Democratic and Republican administrations. Identifying Hamas, Hezbollah, Iraq, Syria and Iran as roadblocks to our dominance in the area as well as calling for these entities to fall has come to fruition. The Iraq war of 2003 removed Saddam. The 2006 Israeli attack on Hezbollah dealt them a major military setback. The Israeli military attacks and economic strangulation of Gaza has crippled Hamas. Discontent towards the Asad regime now offers regime change. The drive to war with Iran is in the wings. Fourth, we are not concerned about the repercussions of the collapse of Bashar. Prior to his father gaining power, Syria was a basket case–sectarian and regional divisions, revolving governments, coups, failure of local elites to develop a national sense, etc. were the hallmarks of Syria. Through brutal methods, the Asads did turn Syria into a regional player of importance. It was a country that could take an independent course when it was beneficial–angered the Soviets when Syria came to help the Lebanese in 1975, angered Iran when Syria opened negotiations with Israel, Syria joined the 1990-91 coalition against Saddam, etc. A recent survey conducted by Qatar–an enemy of Syria–discovered that a majority of Syrians support Bashar. The Arab League investigation declared that an armed insurrection–funded and supplied by outside forces–are the major factor in the escalating violence and death. Our hands and those of our allies play the role in providing these arms and equipment. There are those Syrians who want a democratic and secular country. But the powers that are taking a presiding position are religious radicals that would return Syria to the chaos and political division of decades ago. But Syrian territorial disintegration and internal bedlam appears to be the real goal of our policy in our quest for dominance of the oil producing Mideast.

  • JoaoAlfaiate

    'Josh Rogin at Foreign Policy urged for some kind of intervention in support of the opposition and against the regime of Bashar al-Assad, saying “… if the government is going to kill randomly, people deserve the right to defend and fight for themselves.”

    Where was Rogin's (and our Solons') outrage when Israel was murdering thousands in Lebanon and Gaza?

  • Gern

    Yea, this is a propaganda war and Antiwar.com if FAILING us.
    Why havent you, antiwar.com, talked about Wesley Clark's speeches regarding this?

    and this

    Why dont you follow up on this? If you dont , you are part of the propaganda machine!

    • sam stone

      I have come to the conclusion Antiwar.com is becoming thr liberal part of the Propaganda machine. The Guardian & Independant in the U.K have already been taken over and there are no comments allowed on the middle east,only their own point of veiw.

  • Washington's Blog notes that an independent report contradicts Western propaganda about Syria:

  • Nathan

    Don't be fooled by Anti=war lies on Syria. For unbiased news go to Asia Times at http://www.atimes.com

    A message to paid jpournalists (read propagandists) at Anti-war: You can't fool all of the people all of the times!!!!!!!!

  • Nathan

    I wonder why the m-therf-ckers Admins don’t publish my comments even though I use civilized lingo. Not that I give a sh-t, really.

    In a way, it’s a good thing as it shows that the site is a propaganda tool used by whoever pays. Does this make them prostitutes? You bet your f-cking -ss it does!

  • Bianca

    The very first sentence of the article betrays the bias. Most people killed in Syria are civilians killed by the armed marauders, many of them shipped from Libya — along with the arms from Ghadafi's stores. Most are shipped in from Lebanon, as Lebanon army is a joke and cannot control its sea and ports. Why not publish Arab League observers' report in full? The notion that it is Syrian government going nuts over peacefull protest is garbage — and feeds into the hysteria that "something must be done". Why not examine how well it worked in Libya, before going any futher? And will the able senators take the responsiblity for the civilian catastrophy on the grand scale now engulfing Libya? Woud they like to go there and find for themselves how people live in utter anarchy, subjected to breakins, robbery, rape, murders — every day of their lives? Who want responsibility— will somebody man-up? Hillary?

  • MoT

    I wonder how the American Elite would feel about some foreign country stirring the pot on the home front? They'd probably start gunning down civilians in the streets as well because one thing is common amongst all these thieves and liars and that's pure naked agression and the desire to keep everyone outside of their "special club" on the receiving end of one.

    • Valerianus

      A foreign-instigated insurrection in the US of A would bring out the repressive police state apparatus so fast that your eyeballs would spin. The FedGov and its minions would not have the slightest qualm in gunning down the US tax slaves.

      • MoT


  • Wildey

    Rt.com is reporting Lavrov, the Russian foreign minister and Assad, Syria's president have agreed to unconditional talks in Russia with Syria's opposition forces. But America isn't interested in these talks. Why isn't it reported what Lavrov and Assad have discussed? AIPAC along with America's Dept of State only want Assad replaced with one of their puppets, that's why. America MUST get all transactions in oil done in dollars because that "black gold", regardless who owns, it has to be the commodity that dollar needs. If more countries are considering switching from dollars, America's defunct. China, Russia, India, Sri Lanka, Brazil and others making moves that way. Just as Iraq and Libya were examples, Syria and Iran will be. Brush up on John 3:16. The way things are going, you'll be glad you did.

  • Johnny_Warbucks

    It will never happened. Guaranteed! China and Russia stood together, took a stand against the Empire and send an unmistakable message: do not go there or else! The Empire is a bully, stupid, suffers from historical amnesia, is blinded by greed, self-destructive but not to the point that it would dare go against that formidable force. Once thing is going up against a rag-tag militia they think they can easily subdue, another thing is going against a real and formidable army. They're criminally insane but not crazy.

  • father

    NATO- North American Terrorist Organization