Fears of US-Israeli Attack Rise in Iran

Constant threats of attack and recent revelations about covert activity have terrified Iranian citizens

The constant rhetoric in the U.S. and Israel about potential military strikes against Iran, along with recent revelations about covert U.S. action inside Iran, has terrified a nation staring down the barrel of a superpowers gun.

“I don’t think we can know just yet if war will break out, but I am concerned for my family and my country,” university teacher Maryam Sofi, a mother of two, told Reuters. “I cannot sleep at night, thinking about destruction and bloodshed if Israel and America attack Iran.”

Hyperbolic reactions to the recent IAEA report on Iran’s nuclear program have prompted heightened war rhetoric from Israel and the United States. On Thursday, President Obama used a popular euphemism for international aggression, saying “No options off the table means I’m considering all options.”

But the IAEA report put forth no definitive evidence of an imminent Iranian nuclear weapons capability, and in fact confirmed the non-diversion of fissile material.

It is now widely understood that the U.S. and Israel are engaging in a covert war against Iran, which includes cyber-warfare, commercial sabotage, targeted assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists, support for Iranian terrorists aiming to undermine the regime, a vast espionage apparatus, and harsh economic sanctions.

Some residents of Iran are leaving the country out of fear that a U.S.-Israeli military attack or other efforts will severely damage the humanitarian well-being of ordinary Iranians.

“In case of an attack … we will be imprisoned inside the country … the borders will be closed,” Zahra Farzaneh, whose son lives in the United States, told Reuters. “I will die without seeing my grandchildren again.”

“It will be a terrible war … After the first strike the country and then the whole region will turn into a war zone,” said Hossein Alaie, a shopkeeper in central Tehran.

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Author: John Glaser

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  • sherban

    If the pigs attack Iran then it is because Iran is still a weak military country and this make the attack more odious.However ,the unjust pressure put by sanctions by the pigs with the help of whole international "community"which knows vary well that not Iran is a danger for the world but US,Israel and their servants and nevertheless approved sanctions and didn't dare even one to say what everyone knows:all this is a repeat of Iraq destruction,all these already humble Iran and make the Iranian living under a horrendous threat

  • rybo1

    Iran: another lamb being readied for the American/Zionist Slaughter. As for the Israelis, how can a people who don't eat pigs become pigs?

    • baz

      anger, hate, resentment, ignorance, racism…from years, no, centuries, of european persecution. Now they are taking out their anger on arabs

  • Tatiana

    I wonder what would happen should Iran start engaging in sabotage against Israel and the United facist States of America, as well as constantly calling for regime change in both places and threatening them with blood-curdling threats of imminent attack? One would not hear the end of it as the hypocritical self-righteous miscreats would be bleeting to high heavens about the threat that they are under. Its apparent that such actions and threats are a one way street and how dare the "lowly" Iranians or "dirty" Arabs dare to think of retaliation against God's chosen people or their puppet the USA.
    In any case, there will be NO attack on Iran till September or October of 2012. Obama is in trouble for reelection and will have to start a war… October surprise…. because historically, NO seated president ever lost an election when there was a war ongoing, or a threat of one. The Bilderburg group knows this and they will NOT allow an attack on Iran till then because they want their puppet Obama to be reelected.

    • Zonie

      Obama is in trouble??? LMAO. Not if the GOP and any of the gang of msm sanctioned dim bulbs are nominated. RP aside…Obie Don is an obedient Manchurian…no reason for the powers that be to hurl him off the train while it's clattering on the rails like the Panama Limited as it blasted past Effingham so many years ago….

      Silly….don'tcha know…we don't elect presidents….

  • salah u deen

    pigs are nothing compared to these bloodthirsty monsters. The pig flourishes on filth, the warmongers flourish on blood, rivers of human blood.

    • baz

      graphic but true

  • Tatiana

    Why are my comments being sencored? I thought Antiwar.com was a place where freedom of speech was practiced. Yet I notice some of my comments (none with any vulgarity or hate) are routinely not printed, especially if they have anything to do with Israel. And how come EVERY time I post something, it has to be approved by some sencor who may not agree with me and imp[ose his own "morality and thoughts" on an issue. I am terribly disappointed in this total control you are exhibiting. In what way are you different from the very government you rail against that is stripping away all the freedoms?

  • Bill

    And the US calls Iran the agressor?

  • ampjack

    All options,,, except pearls before swine or, OR signing the NPT,,, thare by demonstrating plainly for all including history to see the legitimacy of the benefit sought, oink, oink, war pigs’, oo`

  • Zonie

    What do we expect to happen when folks are too busy watching football and getting boob jobs to notice their kid is standing in the middle of the road handing over the keys to the house,the car and the safe deposit box to a gang of sociopaths?

    If we don't stop them….if we do nothing….aren't we accomplices to murder?
    Does anyone else feel as resigned to it's inevitability as I?
    Soldiers….for the sake of humanity…for all that is sacred…the lives of innocents….the lives of children…for god's sake….remember your oaths.

  • Charlemagne

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I just learned that one of the brothers before the last U.S. president to present to the presidential election in this country. If this is reality, he was elected, from my point of view, because it will benefit from networks of influence of his brother and the same electronic tricks.

    This is extremely worrying because it is the key that I missed to understand and confirm the demonstration that sharing Rabino Thomas, in his book "On War in America" ​​editions Templus http://www.editions-perrin.fr; ISBN: 978-2-262-04272-1 its conclusion, 592 pages, indicates that Iran is in the crosshairs of the U.S. and again because of the oil, while some U.S. banks have locked in their chest, modern solutions to replace the oil, the source being the inventor and Nobel Nikola Tesla.

    But if oil is replaced, there is more reason for war, so more billions of dollars to be exchanged.

    "In a world where every century was deadlier than the previous one, the existence of such a culture (USA) with destructive arsenals is more than ever a collective threat." Says Thomas Rabino in his book.

    I can say today, Friday, May 2, 2014, that everything falls into place, slowly but surely, for the U.S. to work to prepare to attack Iran. After the end of the mandate of Barak Obama, if Bush brother who is elected in the first month of the second year of its mandate, the war will begin.

    Prepare your shelter, your water supply and your combinations and various masks, because there will be radioactive dust into the atmosphere.